Tell Me about Your Favorite “Social Media Priests and Deacons”

Tell Me about Your Favorite “Social Media Priests and Deacons” May 15, 2013

OK team – I’m back again looking for your help! To help me with a special presentation I’m working on, please name your favorite “Social Media Priests and Deacons” – not just the “superstars”, but especially links to everyday pastors and associates who “get” using these tools to support the work they do in their parishes.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Kathleen

    i had the wonderfully good fortune to live in San Luis Obispo (1982-1997) during the time Fr Jim Nisbet was pastor of my parish, Old Mission SLO. He is an artist, a contemplative, and a biblical genius. KNXT has tapes of his lectures aired on Sunday at 10:30pm. These tapes are also in the resource library at the diocesan ministries office. Online he is on Youtube and His love for Jesus through Holy Scripture and celebrating mass is profound. I had the privilege of attending his weekly classes in the church for years, as well as being empowered to “fly” in the ministries that the Holy Spirit leads me through. He is also an annual speaker at SCRC ( as well as traveling to speak around the world.