A Grad with a Bright Future

The story of Liberty High School graduate Roy Costner IV is making the rounds, today hitting the Washington Times. Roy is the Valedictorian who let his beliefs guide his actions when he made the decision to rip up his pre-approved valedictory, to thank his parents for his Christian upbringing, and to recite the Lord’s Prayer in defiance of his school district’s ban on prayer at commencements. Witness the moment for yourself here:

As the mom of a recent grad who has sat through her fair share of speeches at both Catholic and public schools, I have to say that I’m proud of Roy for using this moment to witness to his faith. I’m sure his parents, his pastor, and God are proud.

Roy’s act of witness is a reminder to me to stand up in moments of opportunity and to shine like a beacon for the faith I profess. All to often, we “grown ups” look at our teens with an eye only toward our perceptions of their shortcomings. What we forget all too often is their courage, their resolve, and their ability to disavow the politically correct in favor of the truths they hold in their hearts. How many of us would have had Roy’s courage to “do the right thing” or to sieze the opportunity before us? I can say — sadly — that the rule follower in me would have kept me from standing up for my faith.

I’d say Roy Costner IV has a bright future ahead of him!

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Bravo!!! This is so wonderful!

    Our oldest son went to a Catholic high school, so his pro-life valedictory speech was pre-approved. But we know for a fact that there were people in that gymnasium who didn’t like what he had to say. (For instance, our #2 son overheard disparaging comments from some female classmates before the girls realized they were sitting right next to the speaker’s brother!)

    We have NEVER been prouder of our son. And I can only imagine how proud this boy’s parents were–especially because he had to defy the school’s ban on prayer at commencement ceremonies. I think he’s a hero, and I hope more young people follow his lead and find the courage to profess their faith in public!

  • Lisa Mladinich

    Sharing this around. We really, really need young people like Roy. Praise God! Thanks, Lisa.

  • Nancy Ward

    His spirit rivals that of Paul Ryan whose commencement address I heard at my granddaughters graduation from Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. Ryan’s was complete with Move-On pro-choice protestors marching outside the gym. It was so refreshing to hear this young grad after several secular graduation speakers whose sentiments about how great their class is pale in comparison with how great is our God as the Christian speakers give him the glory due his name.

    • lisahendey

      Thanks for your comment Nancy. I agree that stories like this deserve to be told!