Sweet Tweets Roundup for 7/19/13 — The Way to Holiness

How is it already Friday? I’m still working on my Monday “to do” items! A great thanks to my good friend John Clem, the Director and Media Minister at Catholic Web Services (http://catholicws.com/) for compiling the follow list of “not to be missed” stories from this past week (July 13 – July 19):

  • Papal Tweet: “Prayer, humility, and charity toward all are essential in the Christian life: they are the way to holiness.” (Pope Francis)
  • JPII Canonization may prove a boon to Washington, DC shrine | CNS Blog http://ow.ly/mUmyE 
  • Should a Christian Woman Wear a Bikini? | matt fradd http://ow.ly/mUQVb 
  • NEW: Nightly News with Colleen Carroll Campbell on EWTN begins weeknights Sept. 3rd at 6pm ET http://ow.ly/mVecV 
  • Pakastani teen’s powerful speech at UN, naming, MLK Jr., Jesus Christ, & Mother Teresa. http://CNN.com  http://ow.ly/mVith 
  • Video: What religion are Spiderman, Hulk, and Batman? (Rome Reports) http://ow.ly/mVHyt 
  • Video: NEW HD Video-based Catechism being developed by The Vatican in many languages. http://ow.ly/mVHHH 
  • Podcast: The Break with Fr. Roderick: Papal Staycation; Dawn of the Dead and Under The Dome Reviews (SQPN) http://ow.ly/mW2Kc 
  • Video: What’s with girl altar servers? (Bishop Christopher Coyne) CTV http://youtu.be/Qt5jsqQ48nc 
  • Tip: Your Online Activity: Welcome To The New First Impression | Catholic Tech Talk |Brad West http://ow.ly/mWfUM 
  • Video: Pope Francis has close encounter with the stars… at the Vatican observatory http://ow.ly/mZpbv 
  • How Privacy Works on Facebook’s New Graph Search – Blog Post – Faith and Safety (USCCB) http://ow.ly/n1t9g 
  • Good Story: The Babe and Brother Matthias | uCatholic http://ow.ly/n1tAP 
  • Good Story & Video: Hidden Maryland: Baltimore Carmelite Monastery (Baltimore Sun) http://ow.ly/n2535 
  • New Blog & Facebook: The Catholic Gentleman. http://ow.ly/n25tR 
  • Video: Lumen Fidei: A Commentary by Fr. Robert Barron | http://BrandonVogt.com  http://ow.ly/n25Fm 
  • Video: Fr Barron talks about his new series: The New Evangelization filmed in England, Australia, & New Zealand (CNS) http://youtu.be/Vx1oFy5v6hY 
  • Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Our Lady of Aparecida Shrine in Brazil (Catholic Tourist – Lisa Hendey) http://ow.ly/n28k0 
  • Giving: Please help Youth Ministry efforts in Uganda with our good friend Michael Marchand — Reignite Uganda http://ow.ly/n427E 
  • Book Review: The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways (Sarah Reinhard – Patheos) http://ow.ly/n43i5 
  • Rwanda Journal #1: The Big News – Catholic Tourist (Lisa Hendey)
  • Natural Family Planning Awareness Week begins this Sunday (USCCB) http://ow.ly/n43PA 
  • Pope on the cover of TIME Magazine EXCEPT U.S. Edition — July 29, 2013 Vol. 182 No. 5 http://ow.ly/n6Sef 
  • Tech Firms Call for More NSA Transparency – John Paczkowski – News – AllThingsD http://ow.ly/n6SId 
  • News: Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Family Research Council Says – US News and World Report http://ow.ly/n6SMr 
  • Symbolon – Video-based curriculum for RCIA | Catholic & Adult Faith Formation (Augustine Institute) http://ow.ly/n6Tug 
  • 5 Ways To Be a Superhero This Summer – Busted Halo (Rachel Roman) http://ow.ly/n6VeS 
  • Sorry, retweeting the pope won’t get you out of hell – CNN Belief Blog – Fr. James Martin SJ http://ow.ly/n6YyD 
  • News: Pope Francis established Commission on Economic Structures (Vatican Radio) http://ow.ly/n7z05 
  • Fr. George Pope & Supporting Retired Religious | Call To Holiness http://ow.ly/n7Rv6 
World Youth Day Tweets:

John Clem, Catholic Web Services

John Clem is the Director and Media Minister at Catholic Web Services (http://catholicws.com/). John is currently in formation to join the Secular Franciscan Order, and loves to share his talents in faith, technology, and journalism in service to the church.  John also writes a blog entitled Call To Holiness  (http://www.calltoholiness.us/). Follow John on Twitter at @Catholicwebs, on Facebook and at Google+.

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