Post-abortive Woman Shares Compelling Testimony & Advice

I don’t do a ton of pro-life stuff here at Patheos. I hope my readers know my feelings in this arena (100% pro-life from conception until natural death) and I have the sense that there are other outlets that can more effectively cover this subject.

But every once in a while I run across a treasure that is too awesome not to share, and today I have one in the form of a blog post from a post-abortive woman. I ask you today to take five minutes to read and pray with the post “How to Win the Prolife Fight“. I follow this blogger regularly, and I think she has some compelling words of wisdom in this post that will make all of us remember the mercy we MUST extend to those who are post-abortive. In her post, she mentions the harsh language of a pro-life advocate:

The first year I attended the March for Life, there was a gentlemen chaperoning our group, a member of the Knights of Columbus no less.  As we were walking he struck up a conversation with some folks behind me and began a very vocal condemnation of women who have abortions with the typical, “they should just say no to sex, keep their legs shut!”  His conversation lasted for a good 15 minutes with all of his opinions spouting about women who have an abortions.  Granted, he had no idea that a post abortive woman was walking right in front of him.  But, what if he had known?  What if he hadn’t known, but he acted as if he was surrounded by post abortive women anyway?  What if at the rally before the March – he heard compassionate words regarding post abortive and those words sunk into his heart and soul?

I want you to read her entire post, but I also don’t want you to miss this particular paragraph, which truly struck me:

There has been talk recently about how to engage the prochoicers instead of preaching to the choir.  My suggestion to the pro-life movers and shakers – there’s another choir you are ignoring.  Engage the post abortive.  Engage us with love, and compassion, and mercy free from any semblance of judgment regardless of why we had an abortion, whether we had an abortion 26 years ago or yesterday.  Be at the ready, with open, loving arms, to embrace us with the knowledge that there is no judgment here.

Let’s hear, pray with, and respond to the plea of this woman and so many men and women like her.

A question for you: Are you active in the pro-life movement, and if so, in what ways do you participate?


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