CARA: Skipping Mass for Soccer?

From the Twitter Feed of the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate:

Spelling out in sad detail the reasons Millennials give for not attending Mass. Number one, “Family responsibilities”, seems to me to be the perfect reason we should ALL be attending Mass every Sunday… Maybe we need to have more confessionals at soccer fields.

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  • moseynon

    The reason of “family responsibilities” is so broad. I wish the survey had unpacked that a bit, to spell out what is meant. Surely attending Mass would normally be considered a family responsibility?

    On the other hand, 29% said they don’t attend Mass because missing it is not a mortal sin, which suggests that better catechesis is needed.

    • lisahendey

      Dale – you raise an incredibly valid point, and one that’s really worthy of a post all its own! I was definitely on the receiving end of many of those looks. A mom alone in Mass with two horrifically behaved little boys. I often had no idea what was said during the homily, which is the most challenging time to keep the kids quiet. Those lovely childcare rooms that our neighborhood Protestant churches offered really beckoned me. Somehow I survived, and your comment reminds me that I need to do a better job of reaching out and supporting the young families who sit around me in Mass now that I’m on the other side. Thanks for raising a critical issue!

      • moseynon

        Lisa, you pinpointed a real problem with taking family to Mass. I look forward to reading your post on the subject!

  • David J. White

    “Family responsibilities”? Didn’t Jesus say something about leaving one’s father and mother and sister and brother, and following Him?

  • Kristen inDallas

    If “family responsibilities” just meant soccer practice… I think you’d see a bigger overlap with “conflicts with mass schedule” There are still a significant # of people who don’t have a schedule conflict but do have family responsibilities. I’d wager many are staying home. The fact of having a family (especially a young family) that would need to be corralled in church while avoiding cold stares from strangers is more than enough to keep some away. Don’t get me wrong some parishes are great…. but if you get that nasty children look even once, and don’t go back for a while, that is the image of the church that’s going to stick.