Daughters of St. Paul Host “Webathon” to Highlight Media Evangelization

You have to love holy Sisters who “get” using technology and the latest media tools in the New Evangelization. And such is the case with the Daughters of St. Paul — they are constantly raising the bar for new and innovative ways to share the Good News of the Gospel.

So that’s why we need to support them in the “Journey of Discovery Webathon” that they began hosting today. Here’s the idea:

Welcome to the Journey of Discovery Novena Webathon. During these days we invite you to make a Novena of discovery as we take you through the various aspects of our life and ministry as Daughters of St. Paul. We are all called to participate in the work of the New Evangelization – we need YOUR help to carry out this important mission!

Through prayer, images, video clips, music and more we will take you on this marvelous adventure… one that will be uniquely your OWN as you see how the Lord will invite you to partner with us in making the Gospel come alive for our Media Generation!

Our financial goal is to raise in excess of $10,000 each of the 9 days of the novena. This support will enable our Media Apostolate to further the Gospel message of Hope to all who yearn for Christ’s love today. Please join us! Join us in prayer, in communion with one another and in support of the important work of the Daughters of St. Paul. Your support enables our mission to exist. If you would like to donate at once, please proceed to our donation page or call 800-876-4463. Then return to learn more about our community and its apostolic activities.

The Webathon website offers an overview video as well as a daily schedule for the nine days of the novena. Click here to learn more and to offer your support for their media apostolate. 

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Alice Kortyka

    What a wonderful idea this Webathon is!! The Daughters of St. Paul work so very tirelessly to spread the Word of God just as St. Paul did! I hope that they are blessed with enough funds so that they are able to continue their good works forever!

  • Margaret Kerry Fsp

    Thanks Lisa! I read your opening sentence as “get holy” using technology. We can all get holy using technology. Holiness, the fidelity of Jesus, elicits our response of faithfulness. When our souls magnify the Lord, the media then magnify that “good news.” This Webathon is also an invitation to partner with the charism of the Daughters of St. Paul as well as support us in mission. It is mutual support, learning how to evangelize in our media mediated world. @kerrygma