Small Success Thursday: Unpacking Edition

Over at, my friends and colleagues Sarah Reinhard and Sherry Antonetti have resurrected one of my favorite features: Small Success Thursday.

The formula for participation is simple: share three successes (and little ones count!) from your week and participate in the link up on the post at CM.  The results? From what I’ve seen, massive inspiration! If you’re like me, you have a tendency to ponder the items on your to do list that go undone rather than patting yourself on the back for the many things you do accomplish each week. And by sharing your own little triumphs and reading those of others, you are motivated for the week ahead and reminded to give thanks to God — the source of even the tiniest successes — for his bounty.

So I plan on participating here at Patheos and invite you to jump in too!

Here, in no particular order, are my small successes for this week:

  1. I am back from my trip to Rwanda with Catholic Relief Services. One of my biggest goals for this trip was to share the experience with my friends via social media, and while connectivity in Rwanda was a challenge, I feel like I lived up to this goal. You can read my Rwanda Journal excerpts here. I hope to continue writing about this experience and am pondering a possible book (maybe even self-published) on the experience. The associated Small Success is that my suitcase is unpacked!!
  2. Our house is undergoing some renovation work that began while I was in Africa. Even though it happened a week ago, I’m going to count “packing up my entire kitchen in two days” on this week’s SS list because it was a major undertaking. This week, the success is staying out of the way of the construction workers. Blessedly, my husband is at the helm of this project and I’m free to pick an upstairs room to hide in and to stay out of the way. Stay tuned as this proceeds…
  3. I managed to get Halloween care packages to my two college boys a week early, which was a good idea since if I’d waited for this week, they wouldn’t have received anything. I’m thinking a lot about what types of fun things can be sent to both boys in college on a regular basis — things that don’t involve me baking! Any suggestions? List them in the comments below.

Now it’s your turn! Go to for all of the instructions.


"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • I’m guessing clean underwear and socks are always “fun”. But that’s not very fun. How about gloves? (Esp for that Boston boy!)

  • Any favorite snack they can’t get where they live, candy, microwave popcorn packs (remove from box and fit in wherever), pencils and pens, newspaper articles of interest, deck of cards, funny T-shirt….and for the record, I can fit quite a bit into one of those priority mail flat rate little boxes. Tomorrow Luke will pack a box of Halloween candy for his big brother.

  • Sherry

    Cookies, the kind they can only get from Mom.