America Video Portrays Strong Catholic Women

I’m grateful to our Sweet Tweeter John Clem for pointing me to this wonderful video from America Magazine, which portrays stories of several strong Catholic women of faith. Their stories show the diversity of today’s Catholic woman, but also her heart connection to her Catholic faith and how that permeates her entire life.

America asked three professional women about the role of faith in their busy lives. Featuring Kara Eschbach, Samara Barend and Andrea Santoriello. Produced by Mary Catherine Brouder and Lily Jamali. Music by Stoney Brokes ( and Dave Donoghue (

A question for you: If America’s videographers came into your workplace or home, how would they find you living our your faith?

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  • I loved the video. That is probably one of the best pieces of evangelization for young women that I’ve ever seen.

  • I love this

  • This is a great video for Catholic women who are either professionals or want to be professionals.