Distance Learning for Catholics: Training Ourselves for the New Evangelization

During today’s radio segment on The SonRise Morning Show, host Matt Swaim and I took on the topic of “nanodegrees” as described in yesterday’s New York Times:

This week, AT&T and Udacity, the online education company founded by the Stanford professor and former Google engineering whiz Sebastian Thrun, announced something meant to be very small: the “NanoDegree.”

At first blush, it doesn’t appear like much. For $200 a month, it is intended to teach anyone with a mastery of high school math the kind of basic programming skills needed to qualify for an entry-level position at AT&T as a data analyst, iOS applications designer or the like.

Yet this most basic of efforts may offer more than simply adding an online twist to vocational training. It may finally offer a reasonable shot at harnessing the web to provide effective schooling to the many young Americans for whom college has become a distant, unaffordable dream.

In my mind, and from the vantage point of a mom who’s pretty immersed these days in college “stuff”, the concept of the NanoDegree makes sense. Not every student is cut out for college. Many would benefit from time in the workforce before or in lieu of four years of university. Many aren’t interested in the “extras” that come with a liberal arts degree and simply want to get busy working. Many, frankly, can’t afford the price tag and don’t want to subject themselves to paying off student loan debt for years.

During our conversation, Matt and I turned to how Catholics might better equip ourselves for the New Evangelization by taking advantage of distance learning opportunities. We agreed that perhaps we could all benefit from some sharpening of our skills, knowledge and abilities. I’m intrigued by the idea of better forming both my technological capabilities and my theological knowledge. To that end, I thought I’d take a look at some of the uniquely Catholic distance learning options out there. I’m going to begin with a very short list and would ask you to share your suggestions in the combox. I’m defining “distance learning” here not solely as degrees from Universities, but really any type of codified online training opportunity uniquely aimed at equipping Catholics or those interested in Catholicism.

Additional Distance Learning:

A question for you: Are you interested in the idea of Distance Learning? What would you study if you had the time and financial resources?

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  • Nice info on distance learning. I think cost should be factored next to the institution. $1,600 per class seems high. (Augustine)

    • lisahendey

      Is it really that much per class? I haven’t done any research at all on cost.

  • Peter Cao

    — Sebastian Thrun had collateralled with a criminal suspect named gabriele scheler in a series of fascism crimes starting from a Stanford campus atrocity case — Stanford police case number: IR #04-111-0335;Victim: Peter Cao; Criminal Suspect: Gabriele Scheler] —http://t.cn/SXQ6Rj — attention to the 7 photo evidence to see how cruel people from this fascism circle are —, which led to the tragic death of an innocent Asian Stanford student, Thrun is not innocent in an unsuccessful plotted murder on me either and I have been cursed by fascism powers from Sebastian Thrun and Gabriele Scheler’s side for many years.

    — There is actually a war between fascism and anti-fascism, at this stage, fascism still prevails in our lives; Sebastian Thrun and Gabriele Scheler are just front figures we could see in a fascism circle, there is a whole pack of fascists behind them to cover up their crimes and to retaliate on victims

  • cececole

    I just saw the link to this, as I was signing up for ‘Your Yes in 2015’. Just signed up for my first class via S.T.E.P. I only found them after my son started at Notre Dame. I would love to get a degree via Augustine Institute after having heard several of their professors present at Catholic conferences. What great teachers! But I am definately going to check out the other links you have collected. TY for this list.