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Promotional Video for Love Is An Orientation

Check this out – it’s the promotional video for my book, Love is an Orienation (which you can buy here or here)! Feel free to visit YouTube and write some comments and reviews!!!!! I hope you love it…. Much love. [Read more…]

Wise Words from a Unique Source

Here is the conclusion to a book I just finished. I thought it was relevant and profound. He said: ““Early in my career I went around telling everyone of my lofty goals—that I’d be the best ever in my field. People laughed at me. You’re crazy man.Can’t be done.Yeah right! No one in history has [Read More…]

Weigh-in #1

I weighed myself today, like I promised I would do, exactly 3 weeks after I started my shrink-me-down-to-somewhat-normal-sized-again-please workout and diet. I checked in at 256 lbs even. That is a loss of 3.5 lbs. Not bad considering I gorged myself during Christmas (which in my world constitutes December 23-28) and then again on New [Read More…]

God in Quiet Time? –Part 2

In the last post I talked about my belief that the label “quiet time” should actually be called (and lived out as) “spending time with God” throughout the entirety of a day—due to the pressure (internal and external) that is put on a person to feel or hear something significant in a designated time slot [Read More…]

God in Quiet Time? –Part 1

I’ve never been a big fan of the Christian label “quiet time.” I’m sure that may be offensive to some, but really, it’s not meant to be taken that way. Instead, I’m a big fan of labeling my “quiet time” as “spending time with God.” Let me explain. In a previous post I talked about [Read More…]