NEW!! Parent Perspectives: Journeys of Faith with our LGBTQ Children

NEW!! Parent Perspectives: Journeys of Faith with our LGBTQ Children January 26, 2015

The recent tragedy of Leelah Alcorn’s death, the transgender teen from Ohio who committed suicide in part because her religious parents rejected her, has highlighted the great need for more resources for Christian parents of LGBTQ children. When the child of Christian parents comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer these parents often struggle to reconcile their faith with their child’s sexuality or gender identity. Parents typically feel alone. They have no one to turn to and believe that no one will understand their experiences.  Many times, there is no one to guide them or show them that good can arise from what they may view as disaster.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide resources for Christian parents of LGBTQ children, The Marin Foundation is creating an online video series called “Parent Perspectives: Journeys of Faith with our LGBTQ Children”. These videos are accessible on The Marin Foundation Youtube channel and through the Parent Resources page on our website. In these videos, Christian parents of LGBTQ children share their personal stories in the hopes that other parents can learn from and be comforted by their experiences.

This month we are proud to release our first video which features Chicago’s own Anna Ricci. Anna takes us through her journey as a Christian mother with a gay son; the ups and downs, struggles and joys. Anna discusses her shock and anger at her son’s coming out. She takes us through her early emotional struggles and questions of faith. She talks about her relationship with her son then and now. Finally, she shares how giving her son to God led her to a deeper more intimate relationship with God and with her son.

We hope these stories will speak to your heart and be a resource for you. Please share these videos with your friends, family, pastors, congregations and anyone else who you think will benefit from watching them. Keep an eye on our website as we add additional videos in the future.

Much love,

The Marin Foundation


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