Promotional Video for Love Is An Orientation

Check this out – it’s the promotional video for my book, Love is an Orienation (which you can buy here or here)! Feel free to visit YouTube and write some comments and reviews!!!!! I hope you love it….

Much love.

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  • Duncan

    hey Andrew, it’s great. Have plugged it on my blog, will get you some sales in the UK!

  • Andrew Marin

    That's awesome!!! Thanks Duncan. (and I added your blog to my blog list as well). It was so great to hang in NYC!

  • Matt

    looks awesome man. i am really psyched for the book. ever since nywc pitt i’ve been waiting for it. blessed to have heard ya and i’m sure i’ll be blessed by the book. thanks man.

  • Jeff S.

    Andrew – your video has left me with tears flowing, for a number of reasons. I can't wait to read your book and to meet someday (hopefully soon). I'm behind you 100% in what you are doing, and striving in my own way to raise the dialogue in my areas of influence here at home and through the Internet. LOVE YA, MAN!