Hello All! So I quickly noticed that I brought the wrong adapter for my computer outlet, so I can’t get on my laptop to post!Instead I have to try to garner some quick time in the hotel’s 2 open computers. Ouch! Needless to say then, I won’t be blogging that much (if at all through the trip). Thus far I have:

Spoken twice:once to a group of church leaders in Eastbourne, England and once to the directors of the largest Christian conference in Europe (Spring Harvest). I also went down to Brighton, England, which is called the GLBT capitol of the UK. I interviewed quite a few people there, so you’ll be seeing those interviews on videos that I post when I get back. The landscape out here is very different, but in some ways eerily similar. I’m looking forward to explaining further.

From here on out I will be:

Speaking to a gay group in Scotland, speaking to a large group of Christian influencers in London (see post below), speaking to the directors of the 2 largest gay Christian groups in the UK, speaking to the youth director for the Diocese of London, and then having one day of fun being a tourist.

But don’t fear, I am:

Taking great notes

Taking great pictures

Taking great videos

so I’ll be able to document everything accurately when I return.

Please feel free to continue your ongoing conversations, and I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things again next week.

Much love.


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  • you amaze me.
    i hope and pray that this will finally bridge the gap.

  • Andrew,

    You are doing a great work. Please keep it up. You've also touched my heart in a huge way – as a Christian I have been avoiding gay people even though I long for connection because my brother died of AIDS in 1990. I recently contacted a gay acquaintance and we met for lunch and I showed him pictures of my brother. A wonderful healing time. THANK YOU for reminding us that we don't have to have all the answers. This is so true. God bless.