Part 2: Lesson Learned from Andrew

This is a powerful story, and an unfortunate example of what happens to many of our youth in today’s Christian culture. But look what happens then, when there is a direct intentionality to bridge building – and look how our youth respond to a message they are just yearning to hear.

Is it hard to be nice? Is it hard to give dignity to each other and God in the midst of clear opposition? Yes, yes it is. But the good news is that it’s not that hard to change all of these things with our youth.

What do you think – is it sometimes hard to be nice?

I’ll go first: Yes, it is – and personally that is so difficult for me to admit because I want more than anything to be a level-headed guy that is always able to work towards bridging the large disconnect instead of perpetuating it. The good news is that I’ve gotten a lot better in public with such situations (as you better believe I’ve biffed a few public situations with very vocal haters before), but that doesn’t change my bitter heart towards those who want to pick a fight, and how I express that in private. I’m trying …

Much love.

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  • It is hard. God has humbled me in a number of interesting ways over the course of my life. Some of those have been pretty recently. I desire more than anything to be stretched and to learn from it all. I love the word picture Oswald Chambers painted of the hard grapes that God cannot squeeze but that rather squirt out of his thumb and finger like a marble. God brought that picture to my mind as I was having my quiet time with Him today. I want never to forget that!