Urbana Missions Convention

From today until New Year’s Eve I’m going to be speaking at Urbana 09 – the largest student missions convention in the world! There are about 20,000 people gathered here in St. Louis this week for this convention, and in the Christian world, it’s a really big deal to be teaching here. I’m very humbled, and very excited all at the same time (yes, a litter nervous as well). Here’s my speaking schedule:


Answering the Tough Questions on Sexual Identity at 2pm

Interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (yep, Pat Robertson’s network) at 3:45pm

Book Signing at 5:30pm


Panel Discussion on Homosexuality and the Church 2pm


Building Bridges with the Gay Community at 2pm

Much love.


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  • Steve Hayner

    I’m so glad that you’re here at Urbana09, Andrew! I will be praying for your presentations and interactions and hope that I am finally able to meet you. Urbana is truly an awesome conference.

  • jami

    Neat!!!! My husband John will be there too (leading one of the seminars on church renewal). I will tell him to keep an eye out for ya!!!! I know he will be glad to see you again.

  • jami

    Don’t watch CBN. But was channel hopping and landed there right when you were on. Agree that this is such an important issue not only for Urbana-ites but for the rest of us. Glad you are there!!!!!

  • Brandon

    Hey Andrew, I was really encouraged by your presence at Urbana. I definitely see God moving in the arena, and you’re definitely part of it. Can’t wait to see you speak again!