Big Announcement and Transition at The Marin Foundation

Big Announcement and Transition at The Marin Foundation July 12, 2013


Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement, and some trepidation, that I want to share an exciting change here at The Marin Foundation.

My wife Brenda and I, along with the Foundation team about a year ago, began discussing the requests and needs we were receiving from our friends across the pond (the United Kingdom) and throughout Europe. As my involvement with the United Nations has increased over the past three years there were many organizations, people, institutions and churches asking for the assistance of The Marin Foundation. We have had the privilege of doing some work throughout the UK and Europe and have seen incredible responses—including the launch of almost ten Living in the Tension groups abroad. It is humbling to see this work spread across the globe.

It was last summer when I was approached by the University of St. Andrews (in St. Andrews, Scotland) with an opportunity to complete my PhD in Divinity; studying under some of the world’s foremost living theologians—including Steve Holmes, NT Wright and John Webster.

Brenda and I, along with our team at the Foundation began prayerfully reflecting and discussing if this was an opportunity that would be appropriate for both me, and for the sustainability of The Marin Foundation. During this discernment time we met with, among many others, our dear friend and pastor Michael Kimpan, and his fiancée Katie. Together we discussed and dreamed about what it would look like if Michael came on board with the Foundation to be my right hand man. Brenda and I also shared with them the potential opportunity of us going to Scotland and what that would mean for Michael’s future responsibilities for The Marin Foundation.

After a quick few discussions Michael’s excitement overflowed for this opportunity, and we hired him as The Marin Foundation’s Associate Director. Michael was a very successful businessperson who left for the pastorate, and now we are fortunate enough to have him in Chicago since January. Michael has been an incredible asset and is already showing to be not only very capable, but a compassionate and productive leader for our team. He has seamlessly transitioned into Boystown, living just a few blocks away from where I live. I have enjoyed introducing him to all of our neighborhood’s leadership and he has already done multiple speaking engagements for us across the country, to rave reviews.

For the next three years I will split time between St. Andrews, Scotland and Boystown, focusing on my PhD and handling all of the international work. We have an opportunity to uniquely concentrate on spreading this bridge building message more thoroughly across the globe. Our new situation will not only enhance our impact as cutting-edge practitioners, but also our credibility as thought leaders via this educational opportunity.

I will be a major part in our new live interactive video lectures, called The Tension Series. Stay tuned for more information regarding this next-level continuing education launching this Fall!

Finally, it is important that each of you know that my commitment is to reconciliation, bringing Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven. As I follow the example of Jesus my goal is to continue to learn how to live and love in real time. My prayer is that this time investing in my PhD will only enhance our reach and ability to bring reconciliation to contentious areas at home and around the world.

I am very excited to see how Michael, his forthcoming book and his ability to teach will be used to not only sustain The Marin Foundation, but significantly contribute to its growth in a variety of manners! I am without a doubt confident that he will prove his incredible leadership, while producing quality resources and messages for not only The Marin Foundation, but also for this bridge building movement.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at I am looking forward to keeping you all up to date and involved in our transition and continued work both here in the States and abroad.

Much Love.


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19 responses to “Big Announcement and Transition at The Marin Foundation”

  1. Congratulations, Andrew and Brenda!! St. Andrews is my dream school!!! God bless!!!

  2. Im so jealous, in a positive way, lol. I been feeling the urge to contribute to Gods work somehow, and am still searching for my place, it is so exciting and beautiful to see God at work through You and Your foundation Andrew. You are doing far more good than you will ever know, God bless you & Yours.

    • Can’t wait to meet you Preston! (and read your forthcoming book as well). Glad you’ve got a year on me and can show me the ropes. Much love!

  3. Love that the movement is growing!! I’m heading from Dallas to London to work on my master’s this fall – I’ll keep an eye/ear out in case you have any speaking engagements in Londontown. Congrats on everything – you guys are such a great example!

    • So great! We’ll definitely be able to connect in London. I have some very, very good friends there so I’ll definitely be around a lot.

  4. Hey Andrew,

    I’m moving to The UK from Chicago as well and desire to help Bridge building. I have been to a couple of events and

  5. Sounds perfect! Be blessed and enjoy the journey!!! You’ll be in my prayers…