Prayers Needed

This morning I was reading the paper on the way to work and the cover story was about the heroin problem emerging on the West Side of Chicago. You can read it here. Towards the end I read the following at it broke my heart into pieces:

“The Rev. Walter Arthur McCray, 58, who has lived in the same house at Francisco and Wilcox since he was a boy, said he has seen the change in his neighborhood. McCray, a Chicago preacher for more than three decades, said he’s counseled drug users and sellers, and their children and grandchildren, on his block. He blamed the recent uptick in drugs on the economy and lack of jobs in the area. He said the new police camera, which he can see from his living room, hasn’t dissuaded dealers.

“I try to keep drugs away from my environment. I will say to young men and women, ‘Hey, you can’t post your business here,’ ” McCray said. “The [police] camera don’t mean nothing. … Everybody knows this is the spot [where are the drug deals go down].”

But it’s unclear how much longer McCray will be fighting to save the sanctity of his block. For now, he’s fighting to save his home. McCray, an author of black spiritual guides, said his house is in the midst of foreclosure mostly because he had to close his side business, a grocery store near the United Center.

If he loses his home, he will be like many others on the block. But like his neighbors, McCray said he will find a way to cope. “I ain’t afraid,” McCray said. “I believe the Lord going to take care of me.”

Can we all be so bold to pray for the Lord to financially take care of Rev. McCray so he can keep his house because let’s be honest, who else wants to live in that neighborhood? He might be the only pastor in that vicinity showing Christ to this place that needs it so bad. Thanks.

Much love.

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