Speaking at Wheaton College Tonight



I’m speaking at Wheaton College tonight from 7-8:30pm at their Center for Applied Christian Ethics. Like most of you reading this, I am shocked to have this opportunity. Over the past year I have been cancelled on twice by Wheaton College after they reached out to me in the first place. The reason? They never gave me one other than something to do with their “administration” not wanting me to speak. So for this to actually be a reality is quite unique. I wonder what changed their minds? Whatever the reason I’m excited to have this opportunity. I guess the third time is a charm 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

Much love.


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  • Very interesting! You have a conservative theology on the issue, why in the world would WC admins not want you to speak there? Do they think society ought to be stoning gays?? Sheesh!

    Good luck tonight! Hope it goes well!

  • Darren – I don’t know for sure, and this is just a guess, but it might be because I’m not trying to ‘change’ anyone from gay to straight.

  • Good luck tonight!

  • Mrs T

    Wheaton is less conservative than Moody, so this sounds strange.
    Maybe there was a misunderstanding by the ‘suits’ about your ministry. Have a great time & may many lives be changed for the better!

  • Caleb F

    I’m so excited this worked out for you!

    I graduated from Wheaton last spring and had been encouraging them for some time to get you to speak, so I’m glad something finally worked out!

    And yes, there are very strong ex-gay connections with Wheaton. Also, some of the administrators (not to mention alumni donors) are very much “old-school” evangelicals who are very black-and-white about such hot-button issues. The students and faculty are a very different story – they are much more moderate. I feel pretty confident that the majority of them are going to be incomplete agreement about what you will be saying.

    I led conversations about homosexuality there as a student who was open about my own homosexual orientation. While I never faced any direct opposition, I did get the strong sense that some people (older alumni in particular) were uncomfortable with the fact that I was not promoting orientation change. I did see one email from an alarmed alumnist who thought we were putting together a “homosexual club,” when what we were organizing was far from it! However, there were a number of leaders who were absolutely wonderful at supporting me and my classmates in what we were trying to do on campus.

    I’ll be praying that it goes well today – I’m hoping some of my friends who are still there will attend and fill me in on how it went!


  • Seth

    Brad can tell you a poignant story about a freshly graduated Wheaton alum who came out to a mutual friend just a year or two ago and ended his life shortly thereafter. I don’t know the details but it was a nightmare for those involved. I speculate–with no basis in fact!–that just one influential person in “Administration” didn’t want to invite you to the campus. I’ve had two significantly disappointing experiences with Wheaton that are similar. Good for you for “piercing the veil.” Hope it goes well!

  • Ryan

    Hey Andrew-Hope your talk went well. I am glad they finally let you speak. I will pray that God will continue to open those doors for you. Take care!!!

  • Benjamin M

    Hey Andrew,

    Thank you so much for coming and sharing your message of love tonight here in Wheaton. I, a gay Wheatie, was so encouraged by what you shared. It’s so nice to hear that someone, and perhaps particularly a theological traditional straight guy, actually “gets it.” You said so many things that really need to be said but never are mentioned here on campus.

    We talked just before you left about maybe bringing one of your Living in the Tension meetings on/near campus. I really hope that you continue thinking in this direction.

    Thanks again for coming.

  • Xiaoxiao

    Hey Andrew!! Thanks so much for coming out to Wheaton!! I was blown away by the discussion at Wheaton tonight. I’m a senior here at Wheaton. Having not grown up in the church, I notice the silence over sexual identity and deeper discussions of sexuality in the christian community after I came to Wheaton. After spending a summer in urban Manila, I made Filipino friends in the squatter community who are gay. There’s a really different cultural dynamic there regarding the gay community and somehow I just I became really confused about everything that’s going on with sexuality. Anyway, thanks so much for speaking tonight and it’s so helpful for me in the process of figuring out these things. I’m sure there are many more like me here who are dying to have deeper discussions to really have understanding and follow Jesus. Please keep being the voice.