Graphic Designers: I Need Help!

To all my homies who read this blog, The Marin Foundation needs some cool swag:

Sw ‘ AAG: Sweet looking T-Shirts with a clever design and slogan to wear everywhere!

I have absolutely zero artistic ability! So I am calling on your help. If you, or you know of someone who loves designing stuff like this, I’m starting a contest which will result in thousands (hopefully gazillions) of people pimping your work all over the world. Here are some ideas of slogan stuff that I was thinking about:

Love is My Orientation

Love is an Orientation

Be Bold.

Much love

That’s about all my unclever mind can come up with…feel free to ad-lib as much as your clever minds can! So if you are interested, or know someone interested, just email me [] to let me know of your intent to design, and then, here are the rules:

1. Be as clever as you possibly can and make up as many designs as you want

2. All submissions must be emailed to me by April 27, 2010

3. Vote on the blog/twitter/facebook/email will commence May 1-5

4. Winner will be picked May 7th

If this is any-amount-of-your-thing, please help a brother out!

Much love.

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  • Mrs T

    Any of the ‘mottos’ you wrote are good. I think the shirt should be simple with few colors. Include blue as it seems to be the Marin color.
    Make sure a web site is on there.
    I prefer colored shirts to white. Most folks don’t look that good in white & every little stain will show. Colored shirts look dressier or of better quality, also. When I had some shirts made, I picked gray.
    Use a good brand like Gildan. It’s better to pay a little more for good material that will last & you can charge more which your fans will gladly pay!
    Maybe the shirt should be blue with black or white writing. That would show nicely.
    As for the design, all you creative types out there can do that!

  • Hihopes

    I like the “Love Is My Orientation”………….. and I agree with the comments of Mrs. T.
    Also, offer hats and bags that sport the statement and design………oh and coffee mugs.

  • Mrs T

    Yeah, the hats & bags are a great idea, as well as mugs! (I do use cheap bags a lot as they are so necessary in Chicago’s weather & my need of water & snacks.)
    I said we should have more than one design. Maybe the simple one could be an “M” with a flair with the motto & web site under it. (A straight “M” would not look good with the writing above or below, IMHO.)
    If there are many designs, one might have the rainbow colors with a big blue swath nearby. (Royal blue is the official ally color now, unless someone disagrees!). But we shouldn’t overwork the rainbow, as it already has been overdone!
    This is getting to be fun! Let’s keep doing it. As I have told you before, we could get someone to lend us the money, make the items, & then pay him back. It would be some expense to get this going, but I think it is worthwhile.
    I’m enjoying the wristbands( I often wear 2 of them), altho no one has asked what they mean – yet!
    If we make all the items, we could sell them individually or as a set for maybe a $50 or more donation. The set could also include the book & a wristband.

  • Hihopes

    Coupling items to raise funds is a good idea. If there is ever going to any membership privileges granted to donors, they could make nice gifts as well.

    The real proposition today is the Book. It would be interesting to provide folks developed materials that can be used to workshop the book in a community or church that is interested in bridge-building activities within their home area… (like me). These developed and packet materials could be priced to raise additional funds for other efforts determined to be important.

    It could be interesting to collaborate with other like-minded clergy (well known revolutionary ones) … to make a documentary that could in-turn be aired and bought. I know Tony Campolo (and wife), Shane Claiborne, Jay Bakker ……… could make for an interesting mix.

    Rambling here………hope it is okay.

  • John Dao

    I submitted one of my entries 🙂 This is so much fun, and I get to “brush up” on my photoshop skills! You want designs? Well I got ideas!

  • Heidi

    Is this still happening? I am excited to see the entries!

  • Mrs T

    Yeah, wassup with this? I can dream that we can have T-shirts & all the other items ready to have for NortHalsted Market Days! We can sell them individually or by the bagfull! But, let’s do it!
    BTW, have you reserved a table for NHMDs & the earlier PrideFest which is a smaller street fair, probably 5/25-6?
    TMF will gladly accept donations to make these dreams come true, IMO!