Recent Silence

Hi everyone. I feel like I should apologize for the recent silence on my blog. I’ve gotten a few emails/etc asking what’s up and why I’m not posting everyday like I usually do. Mostly it’s because of this. The other reason is because I’m in such a fragile state right now emotionally from the aforementioned link, that I can’t take putting myself out there for others to critique right now. I don’t have the energy or stability to endure any of it. I’m tired. So tired. All day long. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. Thank God I have God. Phew. Hang in there with me a little longer … I’ll be back in full steam soon. I just need to tough it out these next 2 weeks and then I’m home free for 2 months.

Love you guys dearly.

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  • Bren

    None of us truly know what it is like to constantly battle, to love so deeply, to be so open and vulnerable every moment. Please do not ever loose your spirit, your ability to unconditionally love, and your desire to see this world change and for all of us to find our Almighty Father. Thank you for your drive, thank you Lord for the words you give to Andrew for the endurance you fill him with to continue your work in his life. Thank you that he has changed my life and through him I am able to inspire others to find a connection with You. Thank you for allowing Andrew through You to teach me that we are all on our own unique faith journey’s and that You, Lord, are always with all of his children. Thank you Lord for Andrew’s faith let us all learn how to rely so fiercely on You as he does. Thank you Lord for the gift of Andrew that we on this blog, in his foundation, through his talks, with his book are able to have a small piece of him too. Lord I pray that you fill and replace those pieces that Andrew has so graciously and without hesitation given away to us all. We lift Andrew to you, we need Andrew to continue to be a champion for Your work and Your will. He gives so many a voice to be heard where silence once lingered. Inspire Lord others around him to encourage, love, and pray for him. Thank you Lord for Andrew, his work, his foundation, his speaking, his teaching, and his writing which are all inspired and given to him through You.

  • Wow. I am humbled.

  • blake

    Your ministry is one that has my total support. You are a good man doing some tough stuff. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and corageous, do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”

    You are doing so much for the least of those and Jesus will look after you as you are doing it for Him.

  • Caleb

    Thank you so much for all that you do – and for continuing to give even in the midst of those times of emotional emptiness. I’m often amazed and encouraged by your strength, faith, and courage in the midst of such adversity.

    You’ve got my prayers and support at all times.

  • Seth

    What Bren said. I can’t possibly add another word.

    Hang in there, ‘bro!

  • Andrew, of course you need some time & space sometimes, esp when there have been so many blows recently.

    The world of the instant-messaging sometimes just doesn’t give time for us to get away from it all, reflect, and replenish our resources. Could I suggest you ignore all our comments and messages for a few days – just completely don’t look at this website, don’t look at your emails, don’t go online. You’ve got lots of friends round here who will ‘hold the fort’ if anything kicks off on your blog; emails can wait a few days without needing any explanation.

    In other words, take care of yourself – and please don’t feel the need to apologise for doing so.

    Praying for you.

  • anonymous girl living in the Bible Belt

    What Rachel and Bren said. You are doing so much, you are wise to take it easy. Please don’t stop doing so. We are praying.