Andrew Live on Air Tonight

Tonight (June 11th) at 6:50 pm CST I will be live on The Frank Pastore Show, America’s most listened to Christian radio program.

You can listen live here.

I seriously love Frank, his point of view and how he ‘gets’ this bridge building work. I’m truly humbled to be a reoccurring guest on his show. I hope you get a chance to tune in later tonight!

Much love.

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  • I am listening live and I am so glad Frank let you critique his call like that!

    I am glad that he is taking the discussion up a few notches, and in such a practical way!

    So glad he has you on often!

    Blessings bro…

    • John – Last night’s interview was unreal. I was so blown away, and the way that Frank humbly listened to my frank critique just shows his character as a man of God. It was awsome to be on with Bishop Ken…I was shocked he called in! We’ll see what happens… The Lord is moving big! This is a huge opportunity within the African-American church, which has been the one noticable hold out for this bridge building work. I’m just floored!

  • I know…it was pretty unreal!
    It was great to hear Bishop Ken call in and ask to talk to you! I don’t know the man, but he sure respected your POV and insight, and that is BIG coming from him. I was jumping for joy inside as he was asking you for help!
    He’s so right, too…LA churches needs some help!
    Blessings, strength and honor to you, bro!

  • Ugh… Just listened to the podcast. Frank Pastore at the end of the show: “Wouldn’t it be real cool if a gay couple came to our church and we could tell them they’re no different than a gang-banger or a prostitute or a drug dealer or a mafiaso.” I appreciate that he was asking for assistance, but he still doesn’t get it. Or maybe I still don’t. As long as Mark & I fellowshipping with him is viewed as equivalent to interacting with a crime-lord, I don’t see him making any substantial in-roads.

    • Jon – In the upcoming days I’m going to do a post on exactly what you stated….his response is just waaay too common (and wrong).

    • Kevin Harris

      I hear you Jon. The way that people constantly compare gay people to drug dealers, pedophiles, and people cheating on their spouses really gets under my skin. And on the flip-side, I don’t really think many drug dealers appreciate the association either :). And I’m not trying to say that I am intrinsically a better person than someone that deals drugs or cheats on their spouse, but direct parallels just cannot be made as being a cheating spouse is not an identity. I mean a man can stop being a jerk and cheating on his spouse but I can’t stop stop being gay. I haven’t ever even slept with a guy and have chosen to pursue celibacy, so my identity is not based on my behavior, and I still choose to identify as gay as there is much more to it than just behavior.
      And as you have mentioned, it fails to recognize the fact that your relationship is characterized by sacrificial love with the interest of another in mind, which the other direct comparisons that are made do not share.
      But overall, I thought that it was a great interview. Frank showed a very humble spirit in acknowledging his mistakes and asking for direction. Even if I do disagree with some of the things that he typically has to say, I really can’t ask for more than the willingness that he has shown to take constructive criticism and learn from those that disagree with him.

  • Andrew A

    When I was listening to this interview streaming the other night, I had to quit before the end. I just finished listening to the rest of it tonight, and while I found it quite encouraging, that comment near the end that Jon quoted really set me off. To me, it sounds like he’s mentally associating homosexual sexual behavior with all of these “big sins” that are ultra-cliche. I understand his point as a Christian saying all sins are the same, but I am sure that no one, regardless of where they are at with their sexuality, would like to hear themselves listed alongside of gangbangers and prostitutes.

    I was hoping you’d have the chance to respond to it, but they were wrapping things up.

    I look forward to reading your post on that.