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Brenda’s Response to Q’s About Her Talk

The other day I posted some quotes from a talk my wife, Brenda, gave on Feminism, Femininity and Faith at a Christian woman’s conference. One of those quotes was: “There’s a vision for the future to combine femininity and traditional beliefs. Until we woman believe that it’s never going to happen.” Rachel, a lesbian Christian, then asked: “I’d really love to [Read More…]

Andrew Live on Air Tonight

Tonight (June 11th) at 6:50 pm CST I will be live on The Frank Pastore Show, America’s most listened to Christian radio program. You can listen live here. I seriously love Frank, his point of view and how he ‘gets’ this bridge building work. I’m truly humbled to be a reoccurring guest on his show. [Read More…]

Tonight’s Living in the Tension

Don’t forget tonight’s Living in the Tension Gathering starting at 7pm at our offices, 5241 N. Ashland Ave 1st Floor! Tonight we will be talking about Gay Pride Month. (As well as gearing up for our event at the Pride Parade on June 27th). Much love. [Read more…]

I. Can’t. Believe. It.

For the very first time in my entire life, a sports team I care about has WON A CHAMPIONSHIP! (And when the Bears won in 1985 I was only 4 years old and vaguely remember). My entire career as a die-hard fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (I’m not a Bulls fan – not a fan of [Read More…]

June 10: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 6-10-10: Jesus uniquely dignified the ownership of what his enemies believed were theirs. Do you dignify your enemies? Matthew 4:23 Living out our Kingdom Job Description is delineated in what many call the Upside-down Kingdom. Matthew 5:3-12 “Those who stick out in some way become the lightning-rod for the [Read More…]

Live Chat Today at 3pm CST

Don’t forget today’s Live Chat from 3-5 pm CST today, June 9th. And for all of my West Coast homies, I’ve started a rotating Live Chat schedule in 2010 for later in the evening so you can have an easier time participating – just check the Speaking Schedule above. Here’s how to participate in the Live Chat: -Click [Read More…]

Ask Me I Dare You: Part 4

Yesterday I answered a question by Bob, in Ask Me I Dare You: Part 3. Today I want to answer the second half of his question which reads as follows: “Also I am planning on moving and being a part of her gay community. She and I are close friends and I’ve made friends with [Read More…]

Brenda’s Powerful Talk

Oh how I wish you all could have been in Miami on Friday when Brenda brought the house down. For those of you who aren’t on Twitter (I am @LovesMeSomeYou), here are some of the comments I tweeted from her talk about living distinctly within the realms of feminism, the church and culture: “This (homosexuality/bridge [Read More…]

June 9: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 6-9-10: Jesus has an ‘interesting’ genealogy: A nomad, a liar, a prostitute, a murderer and a sequential series of really vicious and oppressive tyrants. Matthew 1:1-11 Living the Christian life is about staying faithful, and even more, producing fruit in the midst of ongoing wrath. Matthew 3:7-10 You can [Read More…]

Just Added a New Feature

Sweet! My technologically inept self just figured out how to add a Comment-Thread Reply button to every comment that gets posted on my blog. Now we can have individual conversations in each post, as well as corporate conversations. I’m really proud of myself If someone makes a comment and you would like to respond directly [Read More…]

Ask Me I Dare You: Part 3

A while ago I asked you to ask me anything, and I would give some of my thoughts/reasoning for why I do, or do not do, or believe certain things. If you have questions for me, please feel free to add them here… Bob asked: I have a lesbian friend who is adamant about knowing [Read More…]

June 8: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 6-8-10: God never said “I hate gay people.” God did clearly say “I hate divorce.” Hum…. Malachi 2:16 Stop the religious, cultural, social and theological rhetoric. It has wearied the Lord. Malachi 2:17 Stop robbing from God by keeping all of the money that has been blessed to you. [Read More…]

Bienvenido a Miami

Over the next few days I’m channeling my inner Will Smith and will be speaking here in Miami. It’s the very first woman’s conference I’ve ever been asked to speak at. I’ve been here since yesterday, and yes, I’m the only dude apart from the resort staff! And yes, again, I’ve gotten some strange looks as [Read More…]

Video of Living in the Tension Event: Intersex

For all of you around the world who were not able to make it to our recent Living in the Tension Large Group Event about Intersex, Sexuality and the Church – featuring intersex individual PD Williams – held at Roscoe’s Bar in Boystown, here is the video. Living In The Tension from luke johnson on Vimeo. [Read More…]