Quick Update on Me

Hello! Sorry for the week lay-off on the blog. It happened for a few reasons:

1. Man, my fractured foot really hurt. And since we just moved apartments we didn’t have the internet, so the only place I could get the internet was on my phone or at the office. I don’t trust myself to write a post on my phone, and I wasn’t in the office for a while.

2. Last week, Tuesday through Friday, I was at Northwestern University doing the analysis to The Marin Foundation’s research study. More on that to come in a later post.

3. This weekend was the trial run for being on my foot. It went well, and that excited me. I feel at least a little mobile now.

4. Yesterday, Monday, I had one of the most ‘interesting’ interviews I’ve ever done. Those conservative Christian callers ripped me a new one. I’ll post it soon.

There is so much to catch up on; as well as the continuation to the gay marriage series. Looking forward to discussing everything…

Much love.


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