Teaching at Salvation Army this Week

What many people don’t realize is that the Salvation Army is way, way more than just people who at Christmas stand outside with a bucket and ring a bell asking for change. All around the world the Salvation Army has formed very intentional, and deeply incarnational groups of people planted in areas literally all over the globe that need to see what Jesus looks like in a hands and feet type of way.

No frills. No fluff. Just everyday faithfully living a life of service to a local community of people.

That is the number one reason I love the Salvation Army, and the work that they do, so very much. It’s also the reason why I’m so humbled by them continuing to ask me to teach at their training institutes all over the place. If there is a legacy I would like to leave, a big part of it is one of spurring on others to really understand the need to incarnationally do life in the places the Lord has led you to. Life is about faithfulness, and showing that faithfulness starts and ends with living in the place you yearn to be faithful to.

From today until August 9th I will be teaching three times a day to a national gathering of Salvos (at a dude ranch/camp in Midlothian, TX where it is currently 105 degrees as I write this) from all over the country. My everyday schedule is as follows:

10:45-12:15pm Sitting on a Panel trying to answer questions that come our way about the Bible in general, and its implications to our lives today

1:30-2:30pm A week long core class on Building Bridges within the LGBT Community

7-8pm A week long elective on Studying the Bible and Integrating Study into Our Everyday Spiritual Lives

It’s going to be a great week.

Much love.


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  • Jay

    You’re just right down the road, Andrew! Man, you need a new scheduler if they’re sending you to Texas during the hottest part of the summer! 105 today, 107 tomorrow!! 🙂

    Wish I could make it over there…I’d take you to lunch! Blessings to you and have a great week.

  • Glad to see you are doing so much with my tribe, Andrew.


    • Seriously Johnny, the honor is all mine. Your tribe is no joke and I feel like I’m surrounded by people who actually understand me.

  • Justin Caldwell

    You have been a blessing to me this week. Thanks for the guidance and thank you for what you do. God is certainly using you here this week brother! Can’t wait until tomorrow’s question and answer session!


  • Karl Bush

    Andrew, It has been AWESOME having you here this week! The talks we have had we so very helpful, and will be praying about what we talked about. I also pray that your ministry continues to flourish as you decrease and let the Holy Spirit in you increase!

    God Bless, In Christ,