Yep, I Fractured My Left Foot

4 days ago I fractured my left foot playing in the staff/delegate softball game while teaching at the Salvation Army Institute, hence the reason I haven’t been online recently. It was only a few short years ago that I played Division I baseball in college, but boy does that seem like forever ago now 🙂

I’ve just been resting with my foot up on pain pills (and since I don’t have internet yet at my new apartment, I can only get on line at work), but I will be back tomorrow. Looking forward to catching up on everything.

Much love.

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  • melinda

    sounds like a work hazard.
    Tell kevin to be extra careful where he steps for the next forever, lest he maim himself too.

  • Drew

    Ouch! Sorry to hear about. Prayers for a quick recovery.

  • First Nathan, then you. Something’s up at the Marin Foundation I’d be protecting my toes if I were Kevin!

  • Nathalie Ais

    lol. you all are too funny. ANDREW, I’m praying for your full recovery and healing and that this time is well spent growing closer to God as you expressed in past blogs, for instance wanting to read your bible in a year. or that you take a needed break. whatever God ‘s will is in how you spend your time in rest.

    much love,


  • oh no hope the foot gets well quickly and as pain free as possible. hope the new flat is nice!

  • Eugene

    Ouch! I hope you get well soon!