Reason for the Silence

Hello! Sorry for the recent silence.

Since my last post I’ve been in the middle of a serious travel schedule all around the country without having a chance to sit down for any significant amount of time to write. Since Sunday I’ve been teaching at Houghton College in upstate New York. I preached at their chapel services on  Monday and Wednesday, had a lecture Monday evening (and then two others on Tuesday), taught in four of their classes over a three day span, had a book signing and then capped it off with an interview with Visual Communications Professor Dave Huth – who is also a communications guy for Emergent Village. I get to spend 14 hours at home in Chicago (of which two of them I got to hang with Jim Henderson (here and here) who was in town for a few days) and then tomorrow morning I head to Washington, DC for some meetings that I can’t talk about. From there I go to Las Vegas on Sunday evening to speak at the Idea Camp for a few days. I’ll be back from my extended trip the evening of September 29th.

I’ve learned not to promise posts because I never seem to be able to follow-through on that, but if I have a chance (or am not totally exhausted when I do have an opportunity) I will be posting.

Can’t wait to talk soon.

Much love.

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  • Eugene

    “I’ve learned not to promise posts because I never seem to be able to follow-through on that, but if I have a chance (or am not totally exhausted when I do have an opportunity) I will be posting.”

    That’s a very healthy attitude, Andrew! Life isn’t easy, and we all can learn something. Our whole life is a learning experience.

  • darren

    i know it’s a longshot due to your schedule, but if you have any free time in DC, i’d love to finally meet you face to face 🙂

  • Nathalie A

    much rest in all that you do!

  • Seth

    Godspeed you on all your travels and bring you safely home! But I sure do wonder what sort of meetings in Washington, DC can’t be talked about–that’s very unlike you. And unlike a big portion of Washington, which likes to be seen and heard!

  • I also want to apologise for my silence! I hope Andrew you don’t think it is an abandonment of you while there are so many angry or abusive comments, and people who are so uncomfortable about bridge-building posting here.

    I look at the site daily and I wonder if there are helpful contributions I can make. But generally, I conclude that no, there aren’t. Although it is possible to make relationships, gain understanding and help others in their walk (and your walk) with God when you meet in person, I think it’s just not possible online with people who seem to need to cling so hard to an entrenched position.

    So I completely want to thank Jon Trouten for hanging on in here. And I want you to know that while I read and mentally respond to the posts regularly, and support you completely Andrew, I don’t think there’s anything at all to be gained by me putting my tuppence worth in at the moment.

    I am here being (silently!) (well, I know I’m not being silent right now – but I am in general) supportive and look forward to the comments becoming a place of discussion, engage and love as well as differences of opinion again soon…

  • Mrs T

    Whenever you are gone for some time, is it possible for one of the other guys to do a guest blog? If you are away from the blog for more than a week, it would be nice to hear from one of them for some kind of continuity.
    Possibly you could do an ‘oldie,’ maybe a blog from a year or so ago that bears repeating. After a while, we need our fix! 🙂 🙂

  • Hi Andrew,
    I was wondering if you maybe could do a post addressing suicide among gay youth due to anti-gay bullying in schools and what Christians could do to help stop anti-gay bullying. There have been six suicides in the past three weeks of gay youth who have committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying (R.I.P Raymond Chase, Caleb Nolt, Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, and Billy Lucas), and it seems religious belief may have been in an issue in some of them. I’m afraid these suicides have been going on for years, but that it’s only now that it’s getting press coverage.

    So far, all I’ve read from other Christians (with the exception of gay Christians) so far is worry that efforts to stop anti-gay bullying in schools will result in their kids being indoctrinated into being gay. I know there has got to be Christians out there speaking out against this kind of bullying and I was wondering if you knew of any and if you could post about them or address the topic yourself. If there’s any topic where Christians and GLBT people need to come together, I feel like it has to be this one, as lives are at stake.

    Thanks and God Bless,

  • Mrs T

    Super Ditto to what Adam wrote!!!! Why are Christians so afraid that just by helping gays in need it will make their kids indoctrinated into some nebulous “gay agenda?: These kids need love & help NOW!!!!
    Maybe you need to prepare a lesson on how to divorce real help from fear of agendas. The church has been slow in that!!!

    • Eugene

      “Why are Christians so afraid that just by helping gays in need it will make their kids indoctrinated into some nebulous “gay agenda?”

      Their fear makes sense when you consider the causes of bullying. As a CBS newsman pointed out:

      “There is still an otherness that goes along with being a homosexual that gives license to all kinds of prejudice.”

      Sure, Christian pastors don’t teach anyone to be violent. But they are responsible for the otherness – and often it’s enough. So how can gays and Christians “come together”?