I Had to Have a Biopsy This Morning

This morning I had a regularly scheduled six month follow-up with my dermatologist. No big deal. I just needed some refills for a prescription I’ve been taking for acne. Close to the end of our time I remembered to ask her about a strange red bump that has been on the top of my right big toe for about five months. Here’s the story:

This past Spring I woke up one morning and saw a big red bump on my big right toe. I thought it was a pimple, so I waited about two months for it to go away, but it didn’t. Then I asked my Mom, who throughout my life has been quite efficient and effective at diagnosing pretty much everything, and she thought it was a wart. So I got some of that over the counter wart stuff and used that. After about two more months it still didn’t go away. Then for the last month I had been trying to schedule an appointment, but due to my travel schedule this was the first time I could go in. The big red bump has never hurt nor even been a bother. Just a little annoying to look at when I have bare feet.

Anyway, when the dermatologist looked at it, touched it, microscoped it for an up-close and personal view, she then looked at me with kind of a not so happy look on her face. Then she said:

“Well Andrew, this is a weird bump. It’s definitely not a pimple and it’s definitely not a wart either. It’s has hard as a rock and it has some pretty heavy roots driving into your toe. It being hard and very imbedded in your toe aren’t good things. There’s probably a 10-15% chance it’s cancer. Could be a calcium deposit though. We have to do a biopsy right away.”

So she sent me off and I got a biopsy done on the big red bump that harbors a 10-15% chance it’s cancer. The part that really worried me is she said cancer would explain why I am tired all of the time over the same five month stretch. Ugh.

On the bright side, that means there is an 85-90% chance it’s a calcium build up; and feeling excessively tired is totally due to my nuts travel schedule.

Even though I know the chances are quite slim it actually is cancer, I figure some pre-emptive strike of prayers couldn’t hurt. I don’t exactly know how I feel about this whole situation right now. It’s just really strange. I went in to get a refill on acne medicine and she tells me there is a chance I have cancer. That’s annoying. And now I have three hours to write an article for Religion Dispatches, who contacted me on Wednesday to write a response to some stuff going on in the public forum world. That’s about the last thing I want to do right now. Oh well…

So if you could please pray for my health and my ability to write this article, I would much appreciate it. I will let you all know about the outcome of the biopsy as soon as I find out.

Much love.


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  • praying for you, bro. much love, d

  • stephen

    definitely praying for you. if it’s time for a moment of rest, take it – but either way, keep up the fight!

  • Charlene

    Praying that God’s hand rest upon you. I hope all is well in the Chi!

  • Steve Hayner

    Have never stopped praying for you, Brother. Now I just add a little new specificity. We’re with you.

  • Andrew A

    Just prayed for you, and I will continue to do so as I am reminded to.

    Grace and Peace, brother.

  • You got my prayers.

  • Dena

    Definitely sending prayers your way! God is in control, and the world needs you! God Bless and much love!

  • WidneyWoman

    Don’t borrow stress. Hold on to the 85-90% chance it is not cancer. And do NOT get on the Internet researching skin cancer!! It will only stress you out more. I happen to be somewhat of an expert in hypochondria….

  • Sorry dude. You and Brenda continue to be in my prayers.

  • Praying for you tonight my friend…enjoyed our time together.

  • Steve Yoder

    Praying! And asking God to do us all a favor and make you OK – and quickly! Also thanking God for your life, your living testimony, and your potent faith and love! God bless you with His powerful peace during the uncertain days…

  • Sarah C

    Praying for you, Andrew! Wishing you good rest and health for the continuation of your journey.

  • Nathalie Ais

    To God be the glory, whatever the outcome! Whatever happens, I know the God will use you to fulfill God’s will. You have taken every obstacle your way that has brought you to this very moment and placed it in God’s hand to guide you and this moment is no different.

    THANK GOD and THANK YOU that you are so willing to be open and honest.

    may God continue to richly bless and guide you, brenda and your family.

    know that even in the wait, God is STILL the peace, the calm, in the storm
    and in the name of Jesus I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort you now and draw you closer to God. Because every moment teaches us a different aspect of God and is an opportunity to grow us in strength and wisdom and faith through God.to God


    you sister Nathalie

  • Mrs T

    We care & know that God has a plan thru all this warfare.
    However, all podiatrists & various drs. should always check both feet when one is injured. This should have been found in Texas 2 months earlier when you broke your foot. I would have been a nervous wreck with such an injury. Best wishes, & as usual, keep us posted!

  • Matt

    Hell’s waiting for you.

    • Not cool, Matt.

      • Anonymuuuuu

        Sorry man, we believe in eternal security……
        Your grammar is questionable, too.
        Leave Andy alone.

        • Classy Matt. Way to go. You’re now blocked from commenting.

    • Linda

      Hey, Matt. You must be really angry and not very happy. Sorry. I’m praying for you, too.

  • Tom

    Praying for you.

  • I got a call this morning from the doctor that said they will call me with the results on Friday. I will update everyone as soon as I find out. Thank you all so much for all of the continuing prayers!

  • Ladd McClurg

    Wishing you all the blessings of heaven as you deal with an uneasy situation. Ladd

  • Melissa

    Praying for you + Brenda today.

  • It’s not cancer! Here’s the summary… http://www.loveisanorientation.com/2010/huge-news-its-not-cancer/