Whatever You Do, Just Don’t Drink and Drive

According to MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, someone is killed by a drunk driver every 40 seconds! Every 40 frikin seconds!

I have had 2 people very, very close to me get killed by drunk drivers. And yesterday, October 17th, was the 13th anniversary of one of my best friends, Alli Matzdorf, who was killed by a drunk driver when we were only 16 years old. Please don’t ask me what it was like to carry the casket of a best friend at 16 years old, and then lower her into her grave for the final time anyone would see her.

Alli, along with three of her teammates, were on their way to swim practice at 5am at our high school when a drunk driver ran a red light at 90 mph and killed them all – and killed the passenger of his car as well. He was just fine. Don’t worry though, he didn’t learn his lesson because when he got out of jail he did the same thing and hurt a bunch of other people drunk driving again. Way to go justice system.

So whatever you do, please, please do not get behind a wheel of a car when you’ve had anything to drink. It’s not about ‘how much you can handle’ it’s about caring enough about your life and the lives of others around you.

It can happen to you.

Much love.


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  • Mrs T

    Keep preaching the message. The principal & 2 cheerleaders were killled in my HS along with the passenger of the drunk driver, who I think was later killed in a fire. It was 3/1964, but we never forget.
    Then a friend was killed by a speeding car while she was talking to someone in a van outside his window. No, she shouldn’t have been standing there, but the guy should have been more careful. That was Oct. 1999. A cab driver chased him down…
    How many of us have NOT known anyone killed by a drunk driver or a careless one? Oh, yeah, one of our pastors died about a month after being hit by a trucker who ran a stop sign(1978). Thanx for letting me vent!

  • Thank you for spreading the word. My Alli Matzdorf is Ryan Babitz, who was killed the summer after my freshman year (his sophomore year) of high school. I am pretty sure I think of him, if only briefly, every single day. He was on the way to a party to celebrate his last day on the job at Noble Roman’s and was killed by a man who, coincidentally, attended my church (yes, I grew up in a small town). Amazing what an experience like that can do to you, isn’t it? It’s taken me years to not be paranoid every time my husband goes out to watch a game with friends at a bar, that’s how freaked out I am about alcohol and driving. Really, really tragic. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Janessa

    I grew up with Alli as my friend as well. We moved in next door to them when I was 1 and Alli was 2. She was my first best friend ever. Our families have remained in contact over the many years after we moved from Naperville with family vacations together and such. I just googled Alli’s name as her birthday is coming up on the 27th… time has just gone too quickly. I’m married with a child on the way and I can’t imagine where Alli would be in life now. It’s all too surreal even after all this time. Thank you for this post. i miss her terribly and think of her so often.