Archive Problems

Just in case you were wondering why since yesterday, when you click on any older post on the blog that all of the links are “broken”? It’s because my blog had to move hosts and we’re still trying to work out the whole ‘archive’ section. Hang in there… hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks.

Much love.

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  • All fixed. Enjoy Switzerland. Don’t forget to buy a knife, some chocolate, and a nice watch.

  • william stewart

    I think it is a very good thing for American Christians to experience Europe and “Old World” perspectives. They have many problems in relation to Faith and are often quite ungodly. However they often have some very interesting perspectives, a generosity towards others, and a sense of grace which has a lot to teach the often very insular world view of Christians who have been brought up in a society where it is possible to live in a Christian bubble, using Christian language and presumptions. I am not referring to you in all this, as you are I presume, well traveled, and glad that you were asked back.