Week-long Silence, Thanks for Hanging in There

What a beginning to the month of November. I’ve been gone 12 of the 15 days of the month thus far: Spokane, Long Beach, Pasadena, San Diego, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, back to Long Beach and then back home to Chicago. All in all, I will be spending more time in the Pacific Time Zone (16 days) than I will in my own Central Time Zone (8 days). I’ll only be home for 8 days this month (with upcoming trips to Portland, OR and ending the month in Geneva, Switzerland with the United Nations). It’s all very exciting stuff, but quite draining just the same – including a string of eight consecutive 4am wake-up calls for 12-16 hour days. That has left no time for blogging as I’ve gotten back to my hotel and pooped out. But I’m home now until Thursday, so I’m going to try to catch up a little.

Thanks for hanging in there with me on these unannounced silences. Despite my best intentions every time, I think I’m getting to know that when I go on a trip I don’t have too much energy or time to sit down and blog as I want to. You all are the best.

Much love.


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  • Mrs T

    Bon Voyage! Remember that you have 2 very able assistants who can keep up the blog. I know they have topics they can share with us.

    To those who read the blog: Please keep Andrew in strong prayer. He is venturing into areas I’m sure he never dreamed of a few years ago.
    There is spiritual warfare along with the physical changes he must endure. I certainly don’t like to travel as it throws my body out of whack. So please remmeber Andrew!

    Kevin & Nathan: I am looking forward to at least one blog from each of you this month!! Luv to all!