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This blog is for you. Along with being able to share some of what I have learned along my journey, it’s a space where I hope we can learn to dialogue about faith, sexuality, and culture  in a peaceful and productive manner with others coming from different backgrounds and world views. Therefore, I want to hear your thoughts on how it can be a better resource for you.

I’ve created a Reader Survey, and I would appreciate any feedback you could give me. Let me know about what you may like or dislike and your thoughts on making it a better resource.

As a small bonus, I will randomly pick a person that responds to receive a copy of one of my favorite books that I read in this last year, Friendship at the Margins by Christopher Heuertz and Christine Pohl.

Click here to take the Reader Survey.

Thanks for your input!

Much love.

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  • Mrs T

    I took the survey & even checked the book reviews of that book, but what happened to the T-shirt contest?
    Yeah, that book sounds really great!

    • The t-shirt contest was put on hold because of money that ran short to buy them. The contest will hopefully return soon.

  • RainbowsofFaith

    Hi Andrew,
    Have you ever heard of the ministry Setting Captives Free?

    • I have not heard of that ministry, but can probably guess what they’re all about.

  • Person

    While we are on the topic of what we’d like to see, I might be wrong about this, but I don’t think your thermometer has been updated in a while. I’d like to see where it’s at now.

    • As of Nov 24th, we have been donated $123,526.60 in cash, and $20,000 in-kind. I will be posting our full financials (in-coming and out-going) on the blog very soon. Thanks for asking! And, if you would like to financially assist our work, you can click on the Donate button to the left. Much love!