NEW: Support Groups for Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children

NEW: Support Groups for Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children November 4, 2014

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Two years ago when we started our Parent Resource Initiative research study, our goal was to provide more useful and easily accessible resources for Christian parents with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning children. When asked the question, “What resources do you wish you had?” or “What resources would you like to see more of?” often these parents expressed a desire to meet with other Christian parents who were on the same journey of learning how to love their LGBTQ children without sacrificing or abandoning their faith. Parents wanted support groups in their area that were specifically for Christian parents, where they could share their fears, joys, struggles, and wrestle with questions of faith with other Christians who understand their needs and experiences.

It can be very difficult to find support groups specifically for Christian parents because they are few and far between and often not well advertised. Therefore The Marin Foundation spent the last few months researching and scouring the Internet to compile a list of these groups throughout the United States. This list is now accessible to everyone; just click HERE.

We truly hope this list will enable Christian parents to find other parents and a safe place to navigate this journey.

Much love,

The Marin Foundation

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