Live on Frank Pastore Show Tonight (5/12)

Tonight, May 12th at 8pm Central, I will be live on America’s most listened to Christian radio program – The Frank Pastore Show.

You can listen live here.

Much love.

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  • wackywilliams

    I tryed to get through while you were on the air, but it was inpossible! I have asked every person I know & I haven’t been able to get a answer I can use so I figered I would pitch it to you. I have been meeting with 3 guys for a little over a month now (a gay couple & a pre op transsexule). well the one thats contimplating the reasiment surgery asked me #1. were in the bible douse it say what I am & what I am going to do is wrong? & #2. how can God love me if I am just inharntly a sin? I tryed to help by relating my own exspernces with fighting with my gender issues but it has not appeased them, can you help?? thanks! -PD

  • Drew

    Went to check this out. It appears that you have to pay for a podcast that is more than a few days old. I might be wrong about that but it that’s the case – unimpressive. (Not your fault, of course.)

  • Hi Andrew, Your book prompted me to write this. Thought you might enjoy it. Many thanks, much love.