Radical Love Produces Radical Results

Radical love produces radical results. It’s always a gamble though, because my experience has shown me that radical love also produces radical hate. Funny how that works, huh?

Keep on keepin’ on…

Much love.


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  • “Radical love also produces radical hate.”

    I’d never heard it put that way, but you know, you’re right! All we need do to prove that is look to Scripture. Jesus came to show the world radical love and he was hated in his own land, by his own people. Why? Because he had dinner with tax collectors, protected prostitutes and challenged the “church leaders” on their hypocritical behavior.

    What does modern day radical love look like? Well, not to seem in any way over-flattering, but I think it might look a lot like the word you do, Andrew. If you’ve got hard core liberals and hard core conservatives bayinng for your blood (metaphorically, of course) then you must be doing something right!