Exciting News About This Blog

As of today I have exciting news about the future of this blog… It will be moving to Patheos, the largest religion site on the interwebs.

My blog will be housed in the Evangelical Portal with some heavy hitters such as Scot McKnight et. al. Today the contract was signed and the move is eminent – within the next two weeks everything will be up and running. And by “contract” I mean that there is a monetary value given in relation to the number of page views my blog gets. Here’s the best part for all of you who love the work of The Marin Foundation:

100% of the money received for the page views on Love Is an Orientation goes directly to The Marin Foundation, to support our bridge building work. Sure, at some level is it my blog. But my life, thoughts and practices are at its core a part of the work of The Marin Foundation. As with all of the honorariums, book sales and consulting fees that are brought in on behalf of my work, teaching, writing, etc, 100% of it goes directly to The Marin Foundation, not my pockets. I believe that much in the financial sustainability of The Marin Foundation, not the financial security of me personally. So please, when the blog moves over to Patheos, feel free to check it 100 times a day and send the links out to every single person you know 🙂 By doing nothing other than checking the blog (and interacting with great content if you so choose),  you are making a financial donation to The Marin Foundation.

The move of the blog also means I will start blogging again on a regular basis. I know for those of you who have followed the blog over the years, you are a little annoyed at the lack of actual content and original posts over the last six months. I was burned out of blogging twice a day, everyday, for 4+ years. There wasn’t much (or any) balance in blogging/responding to comments/its monetary value for how much time was being spent vs. getting actual work done. But now the first part of that equation is taken out, and I’m looking forward to engaging just as I did from 2008–2011.

Looking forward to getting this thing rolling again very soon!

Much love.



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  • LV

    excited bro, I’m changing the bookmark now and can’t wait to see the new site!

  • I always look forward to reading your blogs and this makes me thrilled to know when we read we’re helping! I’ll be passing along the word. Take care Andrew!

    • Sweet! Thanks for your continued love and support Angie! Looking forward to getting started again. Much love.

  • Blake Askew

    Am I cynical or is there an agenda for you in writing , if money streams in everytime someone goes on to the site ? Sorry Andrew, it’s seeming more and more to me like there IS an agenda

    • Blake – All I can do is tell the truth and let others make up their mind with the truth. And there IS an agenda with myself and The Marin Foundation… it’s to build bridges between the LGBT community and conservatives. And unfortunately, believe me, that agenda cost money to make it happen. The Marin Foundation is a small non-profit with a small budget (don’t forget that we post online our tax filings every year for all to see how much we bring in and where every penny goes) that does a lot of good in bringing peace and productivity to so many hurt-filled spaces. Any way (legally, of course), that I can figure out how to bring much needed revenue into our organization to help us work towards completing our vision (agenda as you would put it), then yes, I’m going to do that…especially if it is bringing in donations from something I already do anyways. Hope that helps! Much love.

  • Fish Van Huis

    Love you! I’m excited for you all!

  • Definitely exciting news Andrew. Congrats.

  • JT

    Andrew, thank God for you Brother. It’s exciting to see you moving forward with the blog like this, sorry if this is such a simple expression, I just have a hard time finding the words to explain how wonderful I feel about what you are doing, and how thankful I am for the way You work to spread God’s love to the LGBT community, I was so excited, and still am, when I discovered the Marin Foundation, and I whole heartedly believe in building those bridges as well. I know now there are more Christians like me who want to spread Gods love, and not intolerance and hate and anger. =) God bless you man!

    • Thank you so much JT! We ARE like you, and if there is anything we can ever do to help, please let us know! Much love.

  • Jon Trouten

    Every church and non-profit group struggles to balance programming with fundraising. No harm there. I look forward to the new blog, Andrew!