Love Is an Orientation is Featured on Barnes & Noble’s Homepage

I got really cool news today…  From December 19th-today my book was featured on Barnes & Noble’s homepage. I had no idea – someone sent me the link on Facebook! And from today through January 1 my book will be featured on B&N’s Religion/Spirituality homepage. How did this happen, you might be wondering?

Wm. Paul Young, author of the 18 million bestselling book The Shack and his new novel, Cross Roads, is B&N’s feature Author of the Month for December. Each of B&N’s feature authors list their 8 Favorite Books as a way for B&N to help their customers get to know some of their best selling authors. Past authors have included John Grisham, James Patterson and Janet Evonovich among others. And it looks like Love Is an Orientation is one of Young’s 8 favorite books of all time. Such an honor, and quite the surprise.

Much love.

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