Top 12 Movies of 2012

I am no movie critic. But I do absolutely love going to the movies with Brenda. Every Tuesday I’m in town, that is exactly what we do. The Regal Theater near Boystown has $6 movies all day/evening, every Tuesday (much better than the usual $12 movies the rest of the week). My family and friends know I have a standing request for any present given to me… a Regal Theater gift card.

I love movies so much for one of three reasons: 1) they are an escape from reality with unrealistic blockbusters that I love for pure entertainment reasons, 2) they are a stupid comedy, or 3) they are so on-point with real life, that they move you like no other medium. Brenda and I have seen about 30 movies this past year. Here are my Top 12 of 2012 (I am yet to see Zero Dark Thirty, and barring an unexpected flop, will definitely be in the list):

Best Movie of 2012: Silver Linings Playbook: This movie is such a powerful portrayal of the various difficulties & successes of our humanity. I had no idea it was going to floor me like it did. Amazing.

2. The Hunger Games

3. Arg0

4. Lincoln

5. Les Misérables (Yep, me and every other person in the theater sobbed like a baby at the end of the movie)

6. Prometheus

7. Snow White and the Huntsman

8. Lawless

9. This Means War

10. The Dictator

11. Dark Knight Rises

12. Contraband

And here are the worst movies I saw in 2012:

The Worst Movie of 2012: The Hobbit: There were 35 good minutes in the whole 3 hour movie; all of which were non-consecutive. Absolutely nothing like the book.

2. Battleship

3. Mirror Mirror

4. The Man with the Iron Fists (this one had so much potential and it was terrible)

What were your best and worst movies of 2012?

Much love.

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  • PD

    #1 to save a life (byfar one of the best movies I have ever seen!)
    #2 The letter writer
    #3 wish me away
    #4 the measure of a man
    #5 New Hope
    #6 the Genesis code
    #7 one hit from home
    #8 Brother White
    #9 Running inside out
    #10 me again
    #11 Smitty
    #12 seven days in Utopia

    • Andrew Marin

      PD – I’m definitely going to have to check out To Save a Life now. Thanks!

  • Cindy Battles

    Les Mis (and I liked Russel Crowe in Les Mis so take it for what it’s worth)
    Acts of Valor (I was surprised how much I liked this movie. Think it’s a realistic-for the most part-look at military operations.)
    The Lorax
    Hunger Games
    There are several potentials missing (including Iron Lady which just arrived in that wonderful red envelope today) because I’ve yet to see them…but this is the list thus far in no particular order.

    • Andrew Marin

      Cindy – I struggled for a while with Acts of Valor…if I would have extended the list to 13, it would have definitely been on it. I also love the wonderful red envelopes 🙂

  • Cindy Battles

    As for “worst” Red Tails and Snow White & The Huntsmen are the only two on the list…which is sad since both had so much potential. We saw the Hobbit and I enjoyed it enough for it not to make the best or worst list. But I’ll also confess that it’s been so long since I read the book, I’ve forgotten a good deal of it…so I knew there were deviations, etc but couldn’t pin point some of them. For them to make three movies of the one book, it is probably going to get worse.

    • Andrew Marin

      I didn’t see Red Tails, but I did see Red Dawn…and it was **this** close to making my Worst list.

  • Moe

    Thanks for posting your best and worst picks for 2012, Andrew. A few of my DISH coworkers and I started a movie club this year. On Saturdays we all meet for a movie marathon where everyone brings a selection from the thousands of movies available through our DISH Blockbuster @Home rental service. We saw every movie listed except for a few that are still in theaters. I think picking a best of list for this year would be pretty easy considering that it wasn’t a good year for movies, and only a handful of good movies came out. My favorite was Moonrise Kingdom, and my pick for the worst would be Ghost Rider 2.

    • Andrew Marin

      Moe – That’s a great idea! I do agree that this year was definitely top heavy, and then everything else was alright. As for Moonrise Kingdom, I did enjoy it, and I know it was at the top of a lot of my friend’s lists…just a little artsy for my tastes. Yes, I’m **that** guy… My wife can’t stand Nicholas Cage, so we didn’t see Ghost Rider 2, or 1 for that fact.