I Got Schooled Tonight

I just got schooled tonight. I got schooled in how to live authentically as a follower of the Way. I am completely broken right now as to how humbled I am to have witnessed what went down tonight with a bunch of folks who don’t care about book sales – don’t care about organizations – [Read More…]

My Book Cover

Here is my book cover! I know I have already posted it on my Facebook page, but I just put up the picture and I actually have quite an interesting story about how this cover design came about: I’m not one that has ever been known to be creative in designing things. Well, anything for [Read More…]

The Coalition – Southern California Event #1

Yes, after my traumatic last post I wrote this one on Word, saved it a few times, copied it into my blog and did the links right before I made it public. Thanks for the outcry of love after my hard lesson learned in blogging! After finally creating this blog I have also learned a [Read More…]

I Am So Annoyed

I just spent the last hour pouring my heart out on a post about The Coalition’s Southern California Conservative Pastors Roundtable event today … and when I went to publish it a big red box appeared on my blog screen saying that there was an error and everything dissapeared!!! Yeah, I know, what the heck! [Read More…]

Speaking takes me far from the Rain

Like most places in the country it has been pouring rain here in Chicago for the last three days. I’ve tried to stay inside as much as I can and the good news is that I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of work done this weekend. I try very hard to take my ‘Sabbath’ every [Read More…]

Pitt-Jolie and Jesus?

In a world where anyone can create a blog and write whatever they want and claim it as truth, why not get in on the fun right? It’s about time I guess … that, and all of my super tech-y friends keep harassing me to do it. And for the first time in my life, [Read More…]