Melissa’s Series Part 3: A Growing Up Story

Part 3 of Melissa’s story, Unwrapping the Onion, is now posted. This one is titled A Growing Up Story and describes how Melissa’s spouse struggled with transsexual feelings throughout childhood and youth. Here is an excerpt:

As a little Christian homeschooled boy, there wasn’t much information on LGBT people, but one day at about 11 years of age, he was reading a large illustrated history of the 20th century when a small paragraph near the bottom of the page caught his eye. The title of the section was “Man becomes Woman” and reading it with his heart thumping wildly, he realized that there were other people like him. The short story was about one of the first transsexual women who went public with their story, her name was Christine Jorgensen and she had transitioned back in the 1950s. Several times a week he would pull the heavy book from the shelf and open to the page with the story, to read again and again about Christine. He was not alone.

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