America is “gone” because women “are taking over”

Don’t watch this if you’re worried about your blood pressure.

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This guy is not just some quack. It’s really appalling that someone can say these things and actually have people look up to and respect them. He even says that women shouldn’t be able to vote. And you know what? His organization is beloved of the Republican Party leadership. We still have so far to go, folks, so far to go.

“This is how evil is coming in. It’s through the woman.”

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Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • tanya

    Yeah! He’s got that right. We should go back to when MEN were in charge. The traditional America values like liberty and justice for all (except women and blacks)

    Women actually sit in the audience and listen to this?
    It’s a scary though that he actually believes this crap.
    Next he’ll tell us Hitler was a woman.
    He can also point to countries ruled by Muslim extremist where women don’t have any rights to give examples of how good things could be if women were put in their place.

  • H

    Imagine that! I had no idea American women weren’t Americans.

  • Eamon Knight

    Hey, he’s only channeling the ghost of John Knox, you monstrous regiment, you!

  • Red

    Why is the whole blogosphere alight today with people posting about crazies blaming women for things? Is it National Anti Woman Week or something? What is going on??

  • Sarah Enigma

    holy cow i literally almost exploded. wtf.

  • Rey

    Women cannot handle power. It’s not in them to handle power in the right way. [...] I think that one of the greatest mistakes America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote. We should’ve never turned this over to women. [...] It was a big mistake. [...] And these women are voting in the wrong people. They’re voting in people who are evil who agrees [sic] with them who’re gonna take us down this pathway of destruction. And this probably was the reason they didn’t allow women to vote when men were men. Because men in the good old days understood the nature of the woman. They were not afraid to deal with it. And they understood that, you let them take over, this is what would happen.[link]

    So, he wants to repeal the 19th amendment. I’d wonder how he’d feel about about repealing amendments 13 through 15, but something tells me he’s a “good for thee, but not for me” kinda guy.

  • Froborr

    I made it about 7 minutes before I had to stop, I could feel the combination of rage and schadenfreude making me a worse person.

    Why schadenfreude?

    A little story: A few months ago, my fiancee and I were on the Metro on the way home from a date, and this 50-ish bearded white guy in an American flag cap was glaring at a lesbian couple seated across from him (the doors were in between, so he was about six feet from them, and we were behind him) and muttering under his breath about witches and sin and who knows what. At the next stop, they got up, so we took their seat–so now instead of a white lesbian couple, he had an interracial hetero couple across from him. He glared at us, but we could no longer hear his muttering. At the next stop, he got up and announced “This isn’t my America!” and got off the train.

    “No,” answered my fiancee just before the doors close. “It’s ours.”

    You *have* lost America, hateful misogynist dude. We’re taking it away from you. It’s not a question of whether you can stop it; the only question is how much you’re able to slow it, and therefore how many people you make suffer for your evil beliefs because we weren’t able to change things in time for them.

    • Rey

      “No,” answered my fiancee just before the doors close. “It’s ours.”

      Best comeback ever.

  • Paula G V aka Yukimi

    If this guy has a wife or a girlfriend I feel so so so sorry for her…

  • Kimberly Hosey | Arizona Writer

    He said a few women are logical and competent! How merciful. And on shame — women shouldn’t feel shame. Unlike this guy.

    If we’ve learned anything from the long series of creepy-ass sexual photos sent out unsolicited, I’d say we’ve learned that it’s not always women who can’t handle power. But OMG! Women try to solve problems when they experience them! Definitely not something we want in our leaders. Golly-gee; it might lead to progress! AND, women sometimes even vote in proportion to their representation in a population, and if enough of them agree with each other, they decide things! That’s certainly not how we want the democratic process to work.

    “Most men did not make mistakes?” Haven’t almost ALL power regimes been men?! And how many of THOSE include horrible, horrible mistakes and atrocities? Including ones this guy would readily condemn?

    Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone listens to this guy. He’s not even charismatic. At least some of the other jerkwads sound convincing. I’ve heard half-assed school reports that were a million times more eloquent.

  • b00tleg

    Can I set “his” America on fire before its laid to rest? Hopefully we will never suffer upon future generations the fights of equality that we are still going through today.

  • Latebloomer

    Of course, it’s always the woman’s fault.

    A little off topic, but have you heard of Richard Fugate? His child training book spawned both Reb Bradley’s and Michael Pearl’s books on the subject….and he still stands by his ideas even though his own adult children no longer speak to him, and even though he has seen countless other homeschooled kids (like us) turn away from that lifestyle as adults. What’s his explanation? “women played too big of a role in child training.”. Yeah….my friend has an audio recording of that conversation btw.

  • Common Destiny

    Misogynistic asshole. I have a hard time believing anyone takes this guy seriously. He sounds about as intelligent as Homer Simpson. Oh, wait, I must think that because I’m a woman who has no patience, nor ability to deal with stress, and I definitely have no love.
    Not only am I incompetent, I’m just downright evil.
    And goddam it, if Rush Limbaugh says a woman is a slut, that woman must be a slut.
    Wow, I’m getting such an education here.

    Also, brother, let me remind you what the Good Book says about the “good old days:”
    “Do not say, ‘Why were the old days better than these?’ For it is not wise to ask such questions.”

  • Lori

    It is frightening to me how joyous he sounds when describes how his grandpa deals with his grandma after he, the grandson, complained about her behavior. That right there tells you everything you need to know about this man.

  • Sheila

    I don’t believe he ever watched Sarah Fluke’s testimony. She never mentioned condoms once. From what I remember, it was mostly about the other uses of birth control pills – like endometriosis and ovarian cysts. And nobody ever suggested that the tax payer fork out for them.

    But he doesn’t seem to feel that knowing what you’re talking about is any kind of recommendation. Not compared to having a penis.

  • Jamie

    Soooo… why did I get the feeling that when he said that grandma did something stupid and grandpa had to “straighten things out” he was talking about someone getting hit? Am I the only one who got that?

    And seriously – I laughed out loud when after spending like 5 minutes pulling out of his ass the things he thinks Sandra Fluke said he then talks about how he felt when he “watched” her testimony. It was totally my favorite part of her testimony when she said that the Catholic Church should be forced to hand out morning after pills!

    I tried to watch the whole thing and didn’t make it. When he started talking about all the evil in the world coming in through women I tapped out. This crap is starting to get really scary.

  • Alex

    What is it with black American conservatives? That jackwagon Allen West is an outspoken misogynist, and so was the one black conservative I’ve met in person, a man who briefly worked in the same insurance sales office I did, until the manager got sick of his rudeness to female co-workers and fired him. It seems as though the only reason for a black man to be a Republican is that he hates women more than he loves his own human rights.