Documentaries: The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

In putting together my blog’s tabs, I’ve been trying to incorporate documentaries I’ve found useful or informative or interesting. This one, The Assassination of Dr. Tiller, examines last year’s murder of the prominent abortion doctor, Dr. Tiller, but it also deals with so much more, including the highly problematic and destructive tactics adopted by many in the anti-abortion movement. Sorry I can only offer you the preview!

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Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Jeri

    The church where Dr Tiller was shot is a mile from my house. That event shook my worldview and started me asking harder questions about the belief system I thought was mine. The answers surprised me, especially when I ended up solidly on the pro-choice side. Never saw that coming!

  • Saraquill

    So much for “Thou shalt not kill.”

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Ugh, as illuminating as this probably is, I don’t even know if I can handle it right now. Not when I have such a sinking feeling that the people who wanted Dr. Tiller dead are winning my country. I feel like more and more these days I’m just saying to myself “I can’t handle this” when I’m confronted with this stuff. Am I cracking up or is America just going straight down the drain? I feel so depressed…

    • Liberated Liberal

      Me, too. I’m so depressed about the state of our country. I’m scared, angry, and hopeless. It has really affected my happiness and ability to function.

      • Petticoat Philosopher

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Because a lot of people don’t seem to understand that this go beyond political, righteous anger for me–what I feel is genuine grief. It actually affects my mood and my outlook on life. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been the kind of person to be critical of my culture and society, and that’s always going to lead to a certain amount of angst. But these past few years, it’s been more. I feel like my heart has been broken. I used to be able to load up my brain with stuff like this documentary and have endless energy. I still to some extent because it’s important, but it’s harder and sometimes I just can’t. I’m grieving and I’m fragile.

        Luckily, I steeped myself in existentialist literature at a young age and I’m all about continuing in the face of the Absurd and all that. lol. I’ll keep fighting because it’s the right thing to do and I don’t any other way to be. But I fear we’re losing.

    • Ibis3

      I go through bouts of this too. It was particularly bad after Harper won his majority government here in Canada. It’s disheartening to the degree it affects one’s entire outlook on life and ability to feel positive about the future. I used to keep up with everything political (watched political news shows etc. every day, followed all the politicians on Twitter). After the election, I just shut down and I try to avoid it all as much as possible for my own stability. My optimism has returned in small doses and I keep trying to zoom out and look at the big picture, from an historical point of view. We’ve been moving steadily forward ever since the Enlightenment. We’ll get there eventually. There have been dark chapters and times of slow progress, times when it must have seemed like it was so bad it couldn’t get worse or better, but overall, the values of that era continue to press us onward and become more global as time goes on.

  • Nea

    His assassination is why I became an abortion clinic escort.

  • shadowspring

    I am so troubled by this murder.

    Thank you, Nea, for stepping up.

    I am considering ways I can personally help women, but nothing I can do right now. I’m working things out in my mind, though. It’s a first step.

  • Dianna

    For the curious, the entire doc is available through MSNBC’s video streaming – under the Rachel Maddow show. At least, it was there the last time I checked. It’s well worth watching.

  • Fina

    For those interested in the full documentary, here is a link:
    Well worth watching.

  • AL

    I heard on NPR today that Massachusetts “subsidizes” much of the south (I think through federal taxes). With actions like this and Mississippi’s recent glee in running off all their abortion providers, I’d feel pretty unhappy if I lived in MA and had to pay for their abstinence only, pro-creationism education.

  • Comrade Svilova

    It may just be my atheist glasses misleading me, but I get most depressed when I realize how much of the politics that threatens my and my family’s wellbeing (and that of SO many others) is religiously motivated. I read blogs like this to remind myself that even very religous people can have a change in perspective. That gives me hope!

  • C Winebrinner

    Here’s a link to a book written on the murder. Stephen Singular does a very good job of exploring the politics of the year as well as tying a lot of loose ends together.

    For what it’s worth, there is still an open investigation on conspiracy charges against Randall Terry and Operation Rescue for their part in the murder.