Guess What? No Longer Quivering is now on Patheos!

No Longer Quivering has now moved to Patheos. Vyckie and her assistant Calulu are still working on getting all the previous material set up and organized, but feel free to head over and take a look at the new site!

Vyckie started the No Longer Quivering website several years ago as a way to begin speaking out against the beliefs and teachings of the Quiverfull movement, and numerous women, whether ex-Quiverfull mothers or ex-Quiverfull daughters, have told their stories there. I actually started blogging by having my own story published on No Longer Quivering, and then deciding that I needed to start a blog of my own (along with the many other Quiverfull daughters who have done the same). No Longer Quivering has also branched out into addressing spiritual abuse in general.

Anyway, if you haven’t read No Longer Quivering before, you should check it out!

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