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You may wonder has been going on with the crazy posting the last two days… You may also be wondering what will be changing now that the last of the Raised Quiverfull panel posts has been posted. So, here’s some blog housekeeping for you!

Raised Quiverfull Wrap Up

I had some requests for me to post the Raised Quiverfull project in individual story form as well as panel form. Because I’d already posted all the responses in panel form, I didn’t want to drag out posting them in individual story form as that would quickly become redundant, so I posted them all at once, posting each story in its nine sections. Hence the crazy posting….

I have created a whole section under the Raised Quiverfull tab for the participants’ individual stories. There is an individual page for each individual participant, with links to his or her responses to the questions in each section. As I’m sure no one has read each individual story as I’ve posted it (most of you had read all the responses already, after all!), this will be a good resource in case anyone wants to go back and read an individual story later.

I am still interested in obtaining additional perspectives for the Raised Quiverfull project, and I’ve received three so far. Because I already have the panel put together in panel form and it would be a lot of work to add responses to that, I’m going to post these additional perspectives as individual stories just like I’ve done with the original participants in the last two days. Because you all will be seeing them for the first time, though, I won’t be posting them as quickly. I think I will dedicate one day to each additional perspective, posting it in nine sections. You’ll be able to access these stories through the Raised Quiverfull tab as well.

Back To Ordinary Posting

For the time being, I’ll be resuming my ordinary posting. I’m going to wait at least a week before posting the additional Raised Quiverfull responses I’ve received, and then I’ll probably only post one a week. In the meantime, there will be upcoming posts on homeschooling, creationism, the Pearls, and of course, more about Sally (and while we’re on the subject of Sally, she’ll soon be joined by brother Bobby, which will add a whole new dynamic to my adventure in parenting!).

Raised Evangelical – A Question about Format

I’ve been getting responses for my Raised Evangelical project, and I know I’ll have more coming in in the coming weeks. I’d like your input on something, though. Should I post the responses in panel form like I did for the Raised Quiverfull project, or as individual stories like I’ve done with the Raised Quiverfull project in the last two days? Remember that if I do the latter, I’ll be posting them slowly enough for you to digest them, not willy nilly.

On the one hand, with a panel you can see all the different responses to one specific question. On the other hand, posting them as individual stories allows the reader to follow and digest one story at a time. For my side, posting them as individual stories is a lot easier than taking the time to put them together in a panel (and even if I do a panel, I will post them as individual stories too). But, if enough of my readers really want the panel format, I can do that. And if I do do the panel format, did you like how I posted one question a day over weeks and weeks, or would faster or slower be preferable?

Now obviously, I’ll make the final format decision for this project – and I won’t start posting it for about a month, I think – but I am interested in your thoughts, input, and feedback.

A Reader Poll

Finally, sometime this weekend I’m going to put up a poll for my readers so that I have an idea of what sort of posts you all find most interesting and what sort of thing you’d like to see in the future. This is just all part of the general housekeeping and refocusing I’m trying to do now that the Raised Quiverfull project is finished. And hey…it’s not like I’m nesting or anything. 😛

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