Raised Quiverfull: Call for additional perspectives

A few weeks ago a young woman contacted me wanting to add her voice to the collaborative Raised Quiverfull project. I told her that the project was far enough underway that it would really be more work than it was worth to go back and add a new response to every post, but I invited her to send me her responses to the questions anyway, and told her that I would put them up under an “Additional Responses” section.

And so, I’d like to invite any qualifying readers to also answer the questions and send me their responses for inclusion in the Raised Quiverfull project as “Additional Perspectives.” The more voices the better! I’m also planning to separate out each original participant’s responses and post them by individual, so that they can be read as each person’s story individually as well as together in the current panel format.

You qualify to participate in the Raised Quiverfull project if: 

  • You were raised in a family that was influenced by the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements. (i.e., influenced by the teachings of Bill Gothard, Nancy Campbell, Mary Pride, Doug Wilson, Doug Phillips, Geoff Botkin, Jonathan Lindvall, Scott Brown, and/or Michael Pearl, etc.)
  • You are currently an adult (18 or above).
  • You have questioned Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull beliefs to a greater or lesser extent and no longer identify as part of those movements.

Your responses should be candid and honest. I know that by design this project eliminates glowing accounts that function as promotional testimonials, but at the same time I don’t want your accounts to be designed to make things look as bad as possible, ignoring any positive and exaggerating the negative. Just try to be candid, honest, and real.

Here is how to submit your responses:

  • Copy and paste the questions into a Word document (or equivalent).
  • Type your response under each question.
  • Email the Word document (or equivalent) to lovejoyfeminism@yahoo.com.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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