Anti-Abortion Argument #3: Abortion Is Cruel

This post is part of a series of posts addressing arguments made against abortion. The format here is simple: I list a common argument against abortion and then open the floor for my readers to discuss. Without further ado, here’s today’s argument:

Abortion is cruel

Have you ever seen the video “Silent Scream”? It’s a video of an abortion, and in it you can see the unborn baby trying to move away from the probe, and then screaming as it is murdered. Abortions are incredibly cruel. Some types of abortion involve tearing the still-living unborn baby limb from limb and others involve injecting a saline solution into the womb, essentially burning it alive. Still others involve scrambling a live unborn baby’s brains. Abortions are utterly cruel and inhumane and amount to torture.

Please be civil and direct. Remember that I would like the comments section of this post to serve as a resource in the future. You are encouraged to link to articles elsewhere that help address this argument, or to studies or documentation. And don’t be afraid to respond to each other, to play the devil’s advocate, or to simply ask questions.

After a week I will close the comments sections on this post, and will choose the comments I consider clearest and most interesting and add them to the end of the OP (with full credit, of course).

So. Discuss!

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