Rethinking Vision Forum website updated

Vision Forum is probably the number one Christian Patriarchy organization in the U.S. The company, which sells books, DVDs, and other products and puts on conferences across the country, is extremely popular in homeschool circles. Rethinking Vision Forum is a website aimed at gathering articles expressing concerns about Vision Forum from across the web and compiling them in one place.

Rethinking Vision Forum recently got a site makeover and some updates. I’d encourage you all to head over and take a look – there’s a lot of fascinating material!

I also would like to do my utmost to keep the site up toward the top of google searches of related terms. As of right now, a google search for “Vision Forum” results in first Vision Forum’s product webpage, second Doug Phillips’ blog, third Vision Forum’s ministries, page FOURTH Rethinking Vision Forum, and fifth the wiki page for Vision Forum. Did you hear that? Rethinking Vision Forum comes up before wikipedia! In order to keep this going, and maybe even bump it up higher, it would be great if those of you who have a blog would publicize the site in order to improve site SEO.

And seriously. There are some good pieces over there, some from this blog and lots from elsewhere. Lots of good information!

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