Guest Posting Opportunities

I’m interested in offering more guest posting opportunities. I’ve posted guest posts in the past for specific series – on evangelicalism, on homeschooling, on purity rings, etc. But I’m open to doing more than that.

As my blog has grown, I’ve come to appreciate the power the blogosphere offers for creating and developing, spreading, and disseminating ideas and viewpoints. While reading the comments left by readers over the past month and a half I’ve also come to appreciate the untapped talent blogs like mine have the potential to attract. I’d therefore like to take advantage of the platform I have here to showcase the ideas of others as well.

What sorts of posts am I looking for? Simply put, I’m interested in posts that touch on the same array of themes I generally blog on: feminism, atheism, evangelicalism, parenting, the Christian Right, social and political commentary.

So here’s the deal: If you have an idea for a post, email me with your pitch and I’ll take a look. My email is lovejoyfeminism (at) gmail (dot) com. Make sure to include your name or pseudonym and a brief bio. I’m looking forward to reading what you come up with!

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