Christian Persecution Complex Much?

Christian Persecution Complex Much? January 27, 2013

Remember when, after the 2012 election, I pointed out that the Right operates in a self-imposed information deficit? Well, a reader named Betty just left a comment on a post from last summer about LGBTQ rights, and this is a pretty decent example of that phenomenon:

As a matter of fact, it is [Christians’] rights that are being limited and we are becoming the minority in this nation. In many countries to even hint at being a Christian is the same as signing a death warrant. In our country they have taken away our right to pray in school, in some states we cannot even have private Bible study groups in our homes because it constitutes an illegal gathering, our organizations are being required to make the “abortion pill” a covered product on our insurance or be fined an absurd amount of money, our Christian doctors are being forced to consider if they even want to be doctors anymore or not because of a mandate that they must perform abortions……..and gay people are saying they don’t have rights?

Yeah … none of that is true. Well, the one part that is true is that there are countries where it is illegal to be a Christian. But what does that have to do with Christians having their rights limited in the U.S.? And also? There are countries where it is illegal to be an atheist, too. It’s not a Christian issue, it’s a religious freedom issue. But everything else? Yeah, no. Just completely flat out false.

And yet, this is the web the world of right-wing media weaves, a world in which Christians such as Betty honestly end up thinking they have fewer rights than do LGBTQ individuals, who in most states don’t have basic rights like the right to marry, adopt children, or not be fired because of who they are.

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