Saturday Link Love: Teenage Daughters, Eleven, and Taylor Swift

Saturday Link Love is a new feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

The Cool Kid’s Philosopher, in Current Affairs—“As I say, I realize I am playing right into Shapiro’s hands by invoking the r-word to describe his belief that Arabs are bomb-throwing sewage-dwellers who deserve to be ethnically cleansed. But I happen to think Shapiro is a bit inconsistent on this.”

Raising a Teenage Daughter, on California Sunday Magazine—You should read this piece because the author had her 15-year-old daughter annotate it after she wrote it, and it is amazing. 

Eleven Is the Hero I Needed in 1984, on Feminist Frequency—“An outsider, a girl, a hero. A hero because of the things that make her different, not in spite of them. This is what I needed in 1984, as a young person who felt so isolated and alone and different and strange and confused.”

I Know Why Taylor Swift is on TIME’s Person of the Year Cover But WHY is She on the Cover? on Awesomely Luvvie—“Just look at Ke$ha, whose abuser was her record label boss. She took him to court and lost everything, including her career. She broke silence when there was zero room for it and got shamed into hiding. He even put a gag order on her. Why is she not on the cover?”

Pilots stop 222 asylum seekers being deported from Germany by refusing to fly, on the Independent—“Many of the pilots refused to take control of flights taking people back to Afghanistan, where violence is still rife following years of war and occupation by Western forces.”

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