Saturday Link Love: Bad Stock Photos, Thanos Loved the World, and MS-13

Saturday Link Love is a feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

Because We Need It: Bad Stock Photos, on Feministe—“Sometimes, life is hard, and the world is unpleasant, and you just need a smile. Now people are showing how bad stock photos go beyond women laughing alone with salad.”

For Thanos So Loved the World, on Samantha P. Field—“‘For Thanos so loved the universe that he sacrificed his only daughter to save half of the universe.’ ~ Avengers 3:16”

MS-13, Explained, on Vox—“Mass incarceration turned MS-13 from a stoner gang into a hardened criminal enterprise. MS-13 was born in the USA.”

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